RJ’s 8th Birthday

The picture below was taken inside the operating room eight years ago when I gave birth to RJ via caesarean section. It was an induced labor for 25 long hours and you cannot imagine the pain I went through. I thought I would die and won’t be able to see my baby. When I saw her I cried, tears of joy and relief.
This one was taken inside my hospital room. The proud parents while waiting for RJ to be roomed-in. Rhonnel and I were both excited. I hate it every time Rhonnel went to the nursery to see RJ while I was left in the room.
It was RJ’s 8th birthday yesterday, the reason why I was absent in the blogosphere the whole day yesterday. She hates it when I am blogging. I don’t know why. Maybe because she cannot play in the computer or maybe because I cannot give her my full attention or maybe both. So to make her happy on her special day I let her play her favorite computer games while I was attending to her needs.
We will celebrate her birthday tomorrow at my in-laws’ house so I just cooked pancit and bought her a little cake yesterday. Our gift really made her day. She asked for it and we promised to give it on her birthday, an original Philippine Edition Monopoly; an addition to her scrabble and snakes and ladders.
So more or less you already know what we did last night before hitting the sack, we played monopoly!

Father’s Day Plans

I am planning to cook special menus this Sunday for the Father’s day celebration but my sister-in-law is inviting us for her youngest daughter’s birthday celebration. Though it is lunch time, I am sure it will take us until late afternoon. May be we will have an advance Father’s day celebration on Saturday. I don’t have menus yet in mind but because it is hubby’s day, I want to surprise him with his favorite foods. That means we will forget about the diet again. Sunday is an exemption since there will be a celebration…excuses…excuses.

The truth is I feel guilty because I am preparing sandwiches and other light meals for dinner for 2 weeks now. I know Rhonnel is tired at work and hungry when he gets home. But he has gained so much weight and I am worried about his health. So to pay for the last two weeks meal, I will cook his favorite foods but only for Father’s day. After the celebration, back to sandwiches again. Giving priority to his health, should I feel guilty or not? Care to share your Father’s Day plans?