RJ’s 8th Birthday

The picture below was taken inside the operating room eight years ago when I gave birth to RJ via caesarean section. It was an induced labor for 25 long hours and you cannot imagine the pain I went through. I thought I would die and won’t be able to see my baby. When I saw her I cried, tears of joy and relief.
This one was taken inside my hospital room. The proud parents while waiting for RJ to be roomed-in. Rhonnel and I were both excited. I hate it every time Rhonnel went to the nursery to see RJ while I was left in the room.
It was RJ’s 8th birthday yesterday, the reason why I was absent in the blogosphere the whole day yesterday. She hates it when I am blogging. I don’t know why. Maybe because she cannot play in the computer or maybe because I cannot give her my full attention or maybe both. So to make her happy on her special day I let her play her favorite computer games while I was attending to her needs.
We will celebrate her birthday tomorrow at my in-laws’ house so I just cooked pancit and bought her a little cake yesterday. Our gift really made her day. She asked for it and we promised to give it on her birthday, an original Philippine Edition Monopoly; an addition to her scrabble and snakes and ladders.
So more or less you already know what we did last night before hitting the sack, we played monopoly!
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  1. ty for the sponsorship…please join na ha.. grab your badge already. deposit your pledge when your ready to gracefancubit at yc

  2. Happy happy birthday RJ. Di ko to alam tokaya hehehe, sowi di man lang ako nakapagpost ng greetings for her. She is so lucky to have you and Rhonel as her parents.

  3. whee!!! RJ is 8 na pala mommy rossel? congrats! ambilis naman ng panahon. btw, thanks for linking my cups and lowercase blog here. really appreciate it. email me at anak0430 at gmail.com so i can teach you with the payu thingy. hugs!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter- RJ. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. She's turning up to be a pretty girl and looks very smart and friendly. I can understand why she is the apple of your eyes, having suffered so much pain while giving birth to her. Thanks for the feel good and nostalgic post. God bless you all always.

  5. aww!!! July baby din pala si RJ ate rossel? 8 years na sya… in 3 years time, 8 naidn si alyssa.. huhuhu… they're growing up so fast… I'm sure the reasons are both… hehe… si alsysa din, lagi syang, mommy mamaya ka na mag work… nakakaguilty minsan… lagi pala… haha!!!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to RJ! God bless!

    Monopoly is a great gift! On her way to becoming a tycoon si RJ with that game. 🙂

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