The Importance of Understanding Addiction

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Many people fail to realize, that addiction is a real medical condition that millions of people around the country suffer from. The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting that you have a problem and asking for help. Drugs and alcohol result in over 5 million deaths in the United States annually. One common misconception many people have when it comes to overcoming addiction, is they fail to realize that addiction is a disease, which can be just as deadly as cancer. Often times beating addiction, requires professional treatment, in a medical setting. At Harris House St. Louis Treatment Center, they have over 50 years of experience and professionals who understand what our going through, where they’ll not only help you overcome addiction, but also teach you how to manage the depression, anger, and anxiety that many addicts experience while trying to quit. They understand the importance of sobriety and treat over 800 patients each year. Here are the benefits of going to a treatment center.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Going to a treatment center will not only help you overcome your addictions, but it will also teach you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle. They’ll encourage you to embrace healthier eating habits, and include more physical activity in your life, thus increasing your energy levels, which will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s important to understand that the food you put into your body, will affect you, which is why good nutrition is a vital part of rehabilitation. Most treatment centers have a trained staff, which will help you create a nutrient-rich diet, and workout schedule, which will not only strengthen you mentally but also physically.

Helps Manage your Stress and Anxiety

Treatment centers also have a professional staff that will help you manage your stress and anxiety. Often time’s people will use drugs or alcohol as a means to help them manage their stress and anxiety. In treatment, they’ll teach you ways to help manage your stress, without repeating past negative behaviors, and give you the tools you need to handle life’s day to day stresses.

Teaches you Ways to Cope with Pain

We all suffer some sort of pain in life; rather it is physical, or emotional. Many addicts will use because it’s the only coping mechanism they know. In treatment, they’ll offer therapies that will help teach positive ways to cope with pain and help rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Usually, physical pain is a result of some type of deep-rooted emotional trauma. The best way to cope with pain is by talking, talking is a way for you to free your mind, and let go of any emotional restraints which are hindering your sobriety.

Gives you Time to Reflect

While in treatment, it will also give you time to reflect on your past relationships and decisions, which will help give you clarity and provide you with some sort of closure. Keeping a journal is a great way to document your recovery and rehabilitation, which will help you understand you’re past feelings and behaviors. Many people are better at expressing their written emotions, then expressing them verbally; a journal gives you a way to let out these feelings.

Living in a Substance Free Environment

The greatest benefit of attending treatment is you’ll be immersed in a completely sober environment. One of the reasons many addicts have trouble maintaining their sobriety is because it’s hard for them to escape that negative lifestyle, where drugs and alcohol are always readily available, but treatment will provide you the environment needed to maintain your sobriety, which will also make the chances of you relapsing less likely.

Surrounded by Trained Medical Professionals

It’s important that you understand addiction is a medical condition, which often times will require a medical detox. While in recovery many addicts experience symptoms of withdrawing, which tend to vary depending on the extent of the addiction. Many times these withdrawal systems can have life-threatening complications, especially if a user decides to quit cold turkey. This is usually when a medical detox is needed, where you’ll have a team of trained medical staff there to help ensure your recovery goes safely.


Having a healthy support system is the greatest tool for recovery. While in treatment, you’ll be surrounded by people who are also struggling with addiction, and fully understand your situation. Treatment centers also have a professionally trained staff, which will share their past experiences of addiction with you, and are there to walk you through every step of your recovery.

Including Senior Parent Care In Your Home And Family

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If you are a parent who is just starting out your life’s journey with your young family, you most likely have a full schedule around the clock. Depending on things like family composition, ages of children, work schedules, school functions and extracurricular activities, there can be very little wiggle room for changes or adjustments to your life. However, when the time comes that there is a need involving a senior member of your family, such as an aging parent, those changes become necessary. You realize that you must find a way to make things work so that you can care for them as well as your own family.


The aging process is inevitable and different for everyone. Many seniors remain independent and active all of their lives. This has become particularly true in recent decades thanks in large part to the advances in health improvements and modern medicine. Although such discoveries have gone a long way in helping many seniors to live more active and fulfilling lives, physical and mental health issues related to aging can hinder others. In these instances, it may become necessary for you to make some decisions regarding the care of your loved one.


Of course, your first consideration will be what is on the best interest of your family. This includes the parent needing care as well as your spouse, yourself, and your children. By making the decision as a family to include the senior parent as a member of your household, you are changing the family dynamic in a way that will require some level of adjustment by all family members within the home. It will be a major change for the newest member of your household as well, and every effort must be made to ensure that he or she feels welcome and loved. It is important that they not have cause to feel like a burden on their family or to feel that their presence is unwanted or troublesome. Such feelings can negatively impact any waning health or mental health issues they may be dealing with.


One of the best ways to ensure a healthy transition for everyone involved is to include all household members in family activities whenever possible. This may mean a bit of compromising on some regular activities or making special plans occasionally to specifically include your senior. This will go a long way in showing them that they are loved and wanted. Everyone needs to feel included and appreciated. It is a huge boost to self-esteem, and a necessity for good mental health is a healthy sense of self-esteem. Some simple yet effective ways to do this can include:

Planning a family fun night once a week or so. Watch a movie together (either at home or at the cinema), go out to dinner, enjoy board games, card games, etc.

Invite friends or family members over to visit and share memories and to catch up with one another.
If your senior is a sports fan, arrange an afternoon of watching football/baseball/soccer, and have some friends over to amp up the fun.

Depending on the health of your elder family member, activities may be added or planned according to their specific preferences or needs. The main point is to keep them active and feeling vital and involved with the family and others in a social circle. Never force them to participate in any activity or event that they don’t wish to be involved in though. They will have good days and bad days just like everyone else. As long as this doesn’t become a regular issue, it is important to allow them their freedom to do as they feel. However, if they become more withdrawn and uninterested in social interaction, this could be a sign of depression or declining health. Encourage them to speak with their health care provider about it, or do so yourself.


Having a new household member, particularly one who may require special attention or extra care, can cause children to feel as though they have been forgotten. While they may understand that the senior needs additional attention, they can grow to miss the “regular” routine of their previous family life. Make sure to set aside time to spend doing things with your children. You can find some great tips on keeping your family as close as ever at You will find that this time with your family will help to recharge your own batteries as well.


Remember that it isn’t only your family that will be affected by moving your parent into your home. As an independent adult, your parent will also be adjusting to some big changes. While they will almost assuredly be grateful and happy to be with you, they will have some questions and concerns of their own. Make sure you sit down and discuss openly anything they may wish to talk about. The AARP has published a helpful list of discussion topics on their website ( to help both parties open up and talk about all the changes that will be taking place.


When the time comes that your parent needs more care than you are able to provide, choosing the right living arrangement for them will be of the utmost importance. A reputable senior living community will ensure that your loved one will remain active and vital while receiving the best in health care like You will want to visit a number of facilities with your loved one in order to make the choice together. Once they have made the move into assisted living, it will be important that you remain present in their life with frequent visits, phone calls, and trips out of the facility as permitted. Making sure they know that they are not forgotten is imperative to their continued good health and well-being.


Just as our parents loved and cared for us at the beginning of our lives, so we have the privilege of doing the same for them in their golden years. While it may require some adjustments, our hearts – and theirs – will be full with the knowledge that the love instilled in us by our parents is being joyfully returned to them at a most precious time of their lives.

Three Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

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It is important to spend time together as a family. It makes children feel like they are a part of something special, and it gives you time to connect with them. The hard part is finding activities that everyone will enjoy. This is because there probably aren’t many things that Mom, Dad, and all the different ages of children will enjoy.

The best you can do is to take turns choosing an activity. Each week, allow a different family member to pick something fun to do. Help small children out by making suggestions. Little ones love places like Chuck E. Cheese where they can get pizza and play games. Trampoline parks, skating rinks, and bowling alleys are also excellent options.

When it comes to the adults choosing an activity, you can pick actual places you enjoy going to. If it isn’t something that children would typically appreciate, make it fun for them. For example, if you choose to go to a basketball game, play at home with the kids first. Build anticipation by purchasing jerseys from your favorite team for the entire family. Even the baby can be involved with NBA baby clothes.

The most important way to ensure that it is a fun outing for everyone is to explain to the children that when it isn’t there turn to pick, they have to be respectful. Show them how to make the most of an activity even if it isn’t their cup of tea. Make sure that in return their brothers and sisters will do the same for them.

When planned properly, it is easy for a family to spend quality time together. Once the children understand that they need to be respectful of the others’ choices, it will be more fun for everyone involved. You will have that special time to connect with the kids and they will get the attention they crave. They might even discover a few activities along the way that they will enjoy more than they expected to.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Property Division and Responsibility During Divorce (And Their Corresponding Answers)

Property division and spousal responsibility are two of the most pressing matters in any divorce proceeding. Often, both parties arrive at the negotiating table with their own goals and objectives of what they want to get out of the divorce.

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But what responsibilities do you have during divorce? How will your joint marital property be divided if you can’t agree? Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about property division and spousal responsibility with insightful answers to give you a better understanding of the divorce process.

What property is treated as “marital property” and what is considered “separate property”?

Unless you can explicitly prove that you owned the property prior to the commencement of the marriage, all property is treated as marital property. The only other exceptions will come from inherited property and property which your spouse gave you as a gift.

This means that if your spouse bought you a new car for your birthday, and you can prove it was a gift, this car can be considered part of your separate property. Similarly, if your spouse already owned an apartment before you met them, this is their separate property.

How will our property be divided during divorce proceedings?

How your marital property is divided will depend on your state. Some states divide marital property equally between the two parties.

Others will divide the property depending on each party’s income, the custodial arrangement of the children, and any contributions one spouse has made to the other’s education and career.

Any debts are divided in the same way as property. Each party is obligated to pay half the marital debts, regardless of who is named as the debtor. Courts can make exceptions in situations of unfair debt. But generally, any debts accumulated during the marriage, by either spouse, are split evenly between the two parties.

Is spousal support automatically granted?

You are not automatically legally obligated to pay alimony. It will be up to your spouse to demonstrate that they require your support. This might be because they are unable to work, has had their earning ability impacted by sacrifices made during the marriage, or need to complete an education before entering the workforce.

In some cases, a court will also award spousal support for rehabilitative purposes. If you harmed your spouse physically or emotionally during the course of the marriage, you may have to pay alimony for a period of time.

How much child support am I obligated to pay?

Each individual state has set guidelines regarding child support. The amount you will be required to pay for each child will be calculated based on both your and your spouse’s income.

You can pay more than the designated amount should you wish to. But you cannot pay less.

Getting a divorce is complex. It requires an intricate understanding of the law and how it applies in your state. Don’t go into it without a competent attorney that specialises in divorce to protect your interests in the family courts.

Here’s What a Proficient Caregiver Can Do for Your Loved Ones

Taking care of elders is just like taking care of a child who needs your undivided attention, love, care, and pampering. Similarly, when your parents enter their old age, they also need your time and attention because you’re the closest to family they can call their own. Oftentimes, we get so caught shuttling between work and household chores that we try and cut corners when it comes to taking care of family.


You might have a good intention to give your elders the best care possible, but sometimes it’s compromised without good reason. This makes it imperative that you put your trust in the hands of a professional to make sure your loved ones get the best care available.

A good way to enrich the bond in the families is to go for the elder care services that are home to professional caregivers. Caregivers are seasoned professionals who can help families take care of the aged by providing professional advice, make them feel comfortable.

Benefits of hiring a caregiver

You might be surprised at the numerous advantages that come by entrusting the needs of your aging loved ones to a seasoned caregiver:

• Decrease in the family stress: When it comes to mutual decisions in the family about who would be taking on the responsibility of taking care of the parents, there might be a lot of disagreements. This is usually because of time constraints.

If you’d rather not enter into unpleasant arguments, and want to preserve the family bond, hire a gifted caregiver. The caregiver is a dedicated person assigned to take care of the elders in your family ensuring their well-being.

• Peace of mind: Hiring a caregiver would give you peace of mind, because you know that your parents are being looked after, and they are in good hands. You can breathe easy knowing that they are going to be safe and secure with professional help just a call away.

Affordable caregivers available 24/7

Choosing the best affordable services to take care of your elders can be a cumbersome task, but it’s worth the effort. They ensure the highest quality of care, and also bring peace and harmony. You can trust caregivers to give their undivided attention to make sure your elders are comfortable and looked after.

There are some caregiving platforms in the market to help you track your loved ones and stay connected with them. You can track their progress, while also being able to get friendly reminders to keep abreast of their activities.
There are a number of services that can help you maintain your family bond and deliver the best care, as well as health services that are mentioned below right at home:

Personal care – This is one of the most important things for the aged, since they might not be physically strong to take care of themselves. This includes bathing, dressing, grooming, as well as oral and personal hygiene. Caregivers are also well-equipped to feed your parents if you need them to.

Skilled nursing – There’s no doubt that age comes with health issues, and leaving your elders home alone might not be the best idea. It’s advisable that you take the assistance of reliable caregiving services.

Make sure they also give adequate medical assistance when needed, and wouldn’t second-guess to send a qualified physician when necessary. They are well-trained to give insulin injections, dress wounds, and catheter care, and much more.

Companion care – It’s not just about caring for your elders medically; emotional support is equally important. Just like anybody else, elders need some fun, games, and entertainment in their lives, and caregivers make it possible to bring a smile on their faces. They do cognitive stimulation, like reading books aloud, schedule assistance, monitor the home, and play games with your elders.

Dementia care – A decline in memory sets in that reduces a person’s ability to perform everyday chores effectively. Caregivers play memory games and maintain a daily routine for them to keep them healthy, fit and active. They also make a comprehensive plan of physical activities for your loved ones.

Rehabilitation – Joint and muscle pain and other related problems are common in old age, so the body demands exercise and therapy at times. The caregivers are well-trained to give physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to help them live a healthy life.

Most of us get so accustomed to managing work and home responsibilities, that we often forget our aging parents and loved ones. It’s time you turned to elder care services to make sure they are looked after in the best way possible. Here’s your chance to make their life better and happier.

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