Kids Party Tips to Minimize the Clean Up Time

Kids parties are often considered to bring a lot of excitement and positive emotions to the children but unfortunately adults regard these parties as an activity that is demanding and tiresome. When hosting a kids party, every housewife dread to think about the mess and the clean up that has to be performed once the party is over. As a matter of fact, kids parties bring some benefits. Kids don’t smoke so you are not going to have your upholstery burned or your favourite table cloth stained. However, there is another side of the coin. No adult would draw pictures on your walls or leave fingerprints onto the windows on purpose. Although kids parties require you to spend a considerable amount of time in cleaning, you can still reduce it by planning ahead and following these simple steps:

kids party• Is it really necessary to remind you to buy a pack of disposable plates, forks, knives etc.? Apart form saving you a lot of time you would otherwise have spent in washing dishes, the disposable cups and plates are also less dangerous. When dropped on the floor, they are not going to cause an injury or hurt the kid. When the party is over, you can simply gather them in a plastic bag and throw them away.

• The day before the kids party, take a walk around your house, looking for easy to reach, expensive or fragile items. Put them in a safe place. Everything you consider to be dangerous, poisonous or delicate should be kept out of reach.

• What do you think about having the kids party in the backyard? If you have a nice – looking garden or a spacious backyard why don’t you opt for taking the party outdoors? You will be amazed how quickly you will finish the cleaning and bring the backyard back to its normal condition. Plus, having the party outside enables you to skip the procedure mentioned above. There is no need to worry about your expensive possessions.

• If the weather conditions don’t allow the party to be outside, do your best to solve some of the cleaning issues right away. Of course, you don’t have to equip yourself with a mop and rubber gloves waiting for a spillage or stain to deal with but there are some things that require your urgent attention. Sweep the broken glass immediately and don’t let the juice absorb into the carpet or the upholstery fibres. Place a cloth onto the stain as soon as possible.

• This leads to the next recommendation. If you have an expensive set of carpets, roll it up and place some old ones on the floor. Of course, nobody can guarantee that all the kids who are going to attend the party are well – mannered and they will take their dirty shoes off. In other words prepare yourself for a thorough vacuuming and carpet cleaning but in case of a severe damage, you won’t feel sorry for the money you have invested in the carpet. If you don’t have enough time for that hire Sparkling Carpet Cleaners to do it for you.

• It is a well known fact that windows are one of the problematic areas that need vigorous cleaning after the party. You can protect them without wasting your money. All you need is a homemade window cleaning detergent and a newspaper. Apart from quickly absorbing the dirt, the newspaper is said to create a dirt – resistant film that makes the cleaning fairly easy.

• If timely, treated, the stains on the walls will completely disappear provided that you use a powerful all purpose cleaner or a mixture of lukewarm water and soap. It all depends on the type of painting you have.

Safety Labels in Buying Toys for Kids

The holidays are just around the corner and those who have not started on their Christmas list yet would probably end up cramming by December. Parents, and everybody else who have kids on their list, can start scouring the toy stores for gifts to avoid the rush. Cramming or not, one should be smart when it comes to buying toys for kids. Always make sure that the toy is age appropriate and safe for the child to use.

buying toys for kids

There are plenty of safety concerns that can easily be overlooked once you find irresistible toys on display. These concerns can range from small parts that may cause choking, stuffed animals that may harbor germs and bacteria, or toys with lead content and other harmful chemicals. Always check the labels when buying toys for kids. You can be surprised at how much information you can get by just looking at the logos printed in the toy box. For instance, toys that bear the Lion Mark have complied with the safety and quality standards set by the British Toy and Hobby Association’s (BTHA) code of practice. Other marks of quality are the CE logo and ISO seal or certification. The CE logo proves that the toy is intended for sale in EU and has been tested for compliance with EN71. European toy safety standards embodied in EN71 is among the highest in the world. As for the ISO seals, international standards for toy safety were used as benchmark for testing the toys.

Aside from the testing compliance seals, toy shoppers should also check for warning labels. These are text labels that explain potential danger or harm that may be done with improper handling of toys. For example, choking hazard warnings are commonly found in toys with small parts or inflatable toys like balloons. Warning labels are usually symbolized by a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. It is then followed by the text explaining the hazards that may occur while playing with the toy.

Age-appropriate labels are also important considerations in buying toys for kids, especially for young children. This helps ensure that the toy will be safe enough for them to handle. The CE logo, Lion Mark, and ISO Seal are marks that help consumers gauge the safety of toys. They may be more expensive than other toys, but one cannot put a price on a child’s safety.

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Choosing the Right Home for Your Family

The right home for every family will differ. This is what makes choosing one so hard. There are many aspects to consider, especially if you want to build it from scratch. If this is what you want to do, or if you want to make some alterations to your dream house, homebuilders and designers like Coral Homes can help you with concepts and plans. If you’re still a little bit unsure, here are a couple of tips you may want to follow.

choosing a home


The location of your home is extremely important, especially if you have children and are considering schools and the like. Proximity to your workplace and shopping centres may also be other deciding factors, as well as your penchant for city or suburban life. It might be useful to check out the neighbourhood in which you would like to build or buy your home.


Make sure you have sorted out your budget before you even go out searching for a house. Know you far you are willing or able to spend, and go from there. Your future self will thank you for being so careful with your money! If you want to go one step further, you may want to continue on this train of thought and consider the cost of furnishing your home.


As with location, the size of your home is also something you should consider carefully. If you have a family, think about your children’s rooms – and even if you don’t have a family, think about whether or not you would like children some time in the future. A house is a big investment, and you will want to make sure that you have made the best decision for you, not just in the present, but also in the future.


Don’t get down if you don’t spot your dream home straight away – there are plenty of houses that get put on the market every day. The right home might not even be a house, it might be an apartment or a townhouse. Don’t limit your options until you’ve seen all they have to offer. You might even want to think about building your own home from scratch – just make sure you do all your research thoroughly.

These are just some factors to consider when you are choosing a home for your family. This is a big decision, and one that is not to be taken lightly, so you should take all the time you need. Think about the type of family you have, what they might want out of a house and what you can do together in your new home. Ask people you trust for their advice – you might find something useful to think about when you are making this decision.

Have you bought a home before? Are you in the process of choosing a home? What are some things you would advise others to do – or not to do? What roadblocks did you come up against and how did you overcome them? Leave your comments down below.

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