Mom’s Tips for Using a WhatsApp Monitoring App

Watching your toddlers grow into teenagers is probably the most amazing feeling any parent can have in this lifetime. As you educate them and allow them to use social media, as you encourage them to use modern technology, which is an integral part of our modern world, you may have genuine safety concerns.

WhatsApp in particular is an internet messenger that the youth relies on to keep in touch with their friends. However, as a mom, you would have concerns if the child starts acting too secretive and aggressive about you not touching his or her phone. With a proper WhatsApp monitoring app installed on the child’s iOS or Android device, you can get some peace of mind. Here are some tips we have for you if you are considering the use of such an app.

Tip #1 – Talk to the child about you using a WhatsApp monitoring app

Before installing a spy app in your kids’ cell phone, talk to the child. Tell the child about the positives of doing this. Try to preserve the trust you two can have by maintaining transparency. This is what thousands of mom all over the world are doing to keep their kids safe and constantly under supervision.

Tip #2: Find an app that offers everything you need for monitoring the child

What would you like? An app that allows you to see all incoming and outgoing messages? A monitoring app that allows you to see what photos and videos your child sends and receives via the app? A spy app that informs you if your child uses profanity or unwanted words? A spy app that informs you whenever you child communicates with unwanted people? Do you want an app that offers all these and much more?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you must try XNSPY.

monitoring app

Tip #3: Maintain imperceptibility

Assuming your teenager is too smart and tech-savvy; you must maintain imperceptibility. For this reason, you must look for a WhatsApp monitoring app that operates in the stealth mode. It must be small too, so that installing it doesn’t cause the target device to slow down or hang too frequently. If this happens, the teenager will most likely factory reset the device, and you don’t want this to happen. The good thing about this app is that it operates in stealth mode and the target person never suspects a thing.

Tip #4: Must work on the target device

Sometimes, people randomly select a monitoring app to install on the target’s device. You must avoid making this mistake and wasting time. Before installing an app, make sure it works on the device that you want to monitor. XNSPY is an app that works on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, for iOS users, it is available in both jailbreak and no-jailbreak versions. With the no-jailbreak edition, you can simply use your child’s iCloud credentials and monitor the activities on the device.

Tip #5: Make sure it sends alerts

Because you cannot jeopardize the trust factor, even if it doesn’t seem to be working too well between you and your child, constantly looking into the cell phone can go in the wrong direction. Instead, if the app has the ability to send alerts to you whenever you child uses WhatsApp, you can check what’s up from the XNSPY dashboard using your PC or cell phone.

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Tip #6: Stay in control

The most important feature of the monitoring app must be that it gives you complete control. It must allow you to lock the device remotely, allow you to wipe off all data, and block unwanted apps whenever you feel you must pull the plug.

Tip #7: Be more of a friend to your child

Before wrapping up, the most important tip about using a WhatsApp monitoring app is that if you notice some disturbing content on your child’s WhatsApp chats; try not to harass him or her. Instead, have a reasonable and friendly approach. Yes, sometimes they don’t cooperate, but it’s how teenagers are. Don’t give up on your child and be an inspiration so that when your child grows he or she can follow your example.

Remodel your Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

A worn out bathroom is not a pleasant sight and can reduce the overall value of your home. Unfortunately, homeowners often assume that remodeling their bathroom is too expensive and will keep putting off the process. There are ways, however, to change the look of your bathroom while still staying within a budget that you can afford.

bathroom remodel

Grab the Paint

Painting your bathroom walls is one of the most cost effective ways to change the look of your bathroom, and with the seemingly endless color options, you have a wide array of choices. However, not all paint is created equally and you should choose one that is designed for use in bathrooms. These types of paints are mildew-resistant and can be safely used in areas – such as bathrooms – where humidity and moisture are a problem.

Don’t Replace the Tub

A dingy bathtub can make the room appear drab and outdated. However, replacing the entire tub can be rather expensive. This is where bathtub reglazing comes in handy. This process will require the reglazer to work on the tub in your bathroom using chemicals that can be toxic. However, the process can usually be completed in a day and is much cheaper than purchasing and installing a new bathtub.

Update Fixtures

That sink or tub faucet can quickly date your bathroom so replacing them can have a major effect on the overall look of the room. What’s even better is that updating fixtures don’t have to be an expensive process unless you want it to be. This is because bathroom fixtures come in a slew of types, varieties and options so you can spend as much or as little and still get bathroom hardware that will complement the room.

Change the Décor

The décor – such as pictures, nick knacks and hand towels – can enhance or distract from the bathroom. If you need a change without spending a bunch of money, consider changing the décor in the bathroom. This is one of the easiest options for bathroom remodeling, and since you can take décor from other areas of your home, you don’t even have to spend a dime if you don’t want too. Other options for changing the bathroom décor is to scour yard sales and secondhand stores for inexpensive items that can improve the look of the room. Adding live plants is another wonderful way to enhance the look of the bathroom.

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The Problems That Bottled Water Cause for the Environment

The phenomenon of bottled water is certainly nothing new; it’s been around since the 1980s. Unlike many things that came out of the 80s, such as the Sinclair C5, bottled water has remained high in popularity. The argument about how necessary it is to drink water from a bottle continues to rage and people continue to pay high amounts for water in a plastic bottle that goes on to cause problems for the environment.

bottled water
If you buy a bottle of water you might not necessarily think about the problems that disposing of it can cause for the world; of course one bottle is not a problem on its own but put it together with over 50 million bottles sold each year across the globe and you can see how big the issue is. In areas where fresh drinking water is required for several people it makes more sense to have a water cooler dispenser in place.

The Impact That Bottled Water Has on the Environment

The bottled water industry is big business and you can see why when you consider the millions of bottles of water that are purchased each year. One of the major impacts this has on the environment is the amount of fossil fuel that is used to produce each bottle; the fuel used is equivalent to around a quarter of that same bottle filled with oil.

In an environment where fossil fuels are dwindling, and where the search is on for cleaner fuel, this is not good news. Another issue with plastic water bottles is that the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics from which they are made do not biodegrade but rather photodegrade. This means that they take a long time to decompose; potentially hundreds of years.

The small pieces which they break down into absorb toxic substances which pollute the earth and the water around us. An incredible 10% of plastic produced ends up in the oceans of the world; this is a major environmental concern. Although you may think that plastic bottles are recycled this very often is not the case and they end up in the water or at the bottom of landfills polluting the earth.

Why Bottled Water is Not Safer to Drink

Despite the environmental impact of drinking bottled water, many people still do so because they think it’s better for them; this is not the case. There is even some evidence to suggest that the plastic can contaminate the water and cause issues such as a raised risk of developing some types of cancer. The water in a bottle is also just as likely to be contaminated as tap water.

In the majority of cases tap water is as safe as or safer to drink than bottled water. If you have several people to provide water for it may seem tempting to provide bottles as it’s a simple way of distributing large amounts of water. Given the environmental impact of doing this it makes more sense to put a water cooler dispenser in place, for people to get a drink from.

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