4 Party Themes for Your Child’s Next Party

The excited screaming of kids running past. The colourful rainbow of fancy-dress costumes. The sweet smell of cake that inevitably decorates faces as much as it fills bellies.

There are some things that never change. Parties for young children is one of them.

If, like many people, a fun birthday party (or two) is a cherished childhood memory of yours, no doubt you’re keen to create the same unforgettable atmosphere for your child’s next party. Doing so means food, drinks, decorations, outfits, games, friends, and presents all need to be organised – and a theme is the perfect thing to tie all this together like a neat bow. Here are some fun theme ideas to consider for your little munchkin’s upcoming party.


1. Good vs Evil

Pit the most iconic superheroes against the most treacherous villains at your child’s next party. Will Ant-Man face off against Cat-Woman? Or will Thor take down the Winter Soldier? Anything is possible at a ‘Good vs Evil’ party. If you’re concerned about things getting violent between the kids, consider nominating the adult supervisors as the villains and convince the children to team up together. Many costume stores like Disguises offer a wide range of children’s and adult outfits, so you can dress the part too. Don’t forget to fit out your birthday boy or girl’s secret lair with superhero-themed decorations and snacks!

2. Cartoonified

Children that don’t love cartoons are few and far between. Capture this love of animation in your kid’s next themed party. Everything from the cake to the balloons should feature cartoon characters and settings. All varieties of animation from Pixar to Pokémon are fair play – so seeing Ariel the Little Mermaid side by side with a Despicable Me minion shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise!

3. Out of This World

An enduringly popular franchise, Star Wars is. Thanks to the original movies and the more recent TV series (as well as countless videogames, books, games and figurines), any generation present at your child’s party is bound to enjoy a Star Wars theme. Stock up on toy lightsabres (or make your own) and prepare for intergalactic fun. Dad can be Han Solo, mum can be Princess Leia, and the birthday boy or girl can be any Jedi warrior that they choose! Even the family pet can get involved in the festivities with a Yoda dog costume. May the force be with you and your guests!

4. Witchcraft and Wizardry

Turn your house into Hogwarts for the day with a Harry Potter-themed party. You’ll need robes, wands, a fantastic feast, and plenty of HP decorations to create a magical atmosphere for your child and their friends. Just don’t unlock the chamber of secrets during the party – you want to electrify your guests, not petrify them.

Choosing the perfect party theme is a great way to add a consistent sense of fun and fantasy to your kid’s next birthday party. Make sure you don’t make the decision alone though; let them have a say to ensure they love it as much as they should!

No One is Too Old for An Adventure: Enervon Prime “Seniors on Tour” Travel Promo

Live life to the fullest is one of my favorite adages. But what if you’re on the prime of your life? Is it too late to escape to some new adventure? Not Enervon Prime! With Enervon Prime Seniors on Tour travel promo, adults age 50 and up have the chance to travel with two friends or family members to a domestic or international destination—for free!

Enervon Prime Seniors on Tour

Joining is easy: you only need to buy P500 worth of Unilab’s Enervon Prime adult milk variants, upload the proof of purchase, choose from the list of destinations, and share a video why you like to travel to your chosen destination. You can log on to www.enervonprime.com to register and send your entry. You can also find in the website the list of supermarkets where the Enervon Prime Seniors on Tour video booths are set up so you can submit your entry.

A family member may send an entry on behalf of the senior. Two seniors will be chosen to win any of the tour packages in Cebu, Bohol, Ilocos, Palawan, and Davao, while another two seniors will be chosen to win any of the international tour packages in Cambodia, Hongkong, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

“The Enervon Prime Seniors on Tour travel promo pays tribute to seniors—our parents and grandparents–who make the most out of their lives by keeping their bodies healthy and their muscles strong so that they can take on new adventures,” says Enervon Prime product manager Barry Barrientos. “What better way to have an exciting adventure than an all-expense-paid travel escapade?”

Enervon Prime is Unilab’s adult nutritional drink that has protein and other essential nutrients that help prevent muscle loss so that coupled with resistance exercise, seniors can continue to do what they love to do such as traveling and more.

Promo runs from August 15 to October 15, 2015. For more information, visit www.enervonprime.com.

Unilab is the country’s largest and leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company with 70 years of experience in providing the best value in healthcare to Filipinos.

*This is a press release.

5 Ways to Take the Stress out of Family Holidays

Another family vacation? Don’t dread your next trip! Even though travelling with the kids can pack its fair share of stresses, it also presents countless opportunities for creating cherished family memories. Here are five easy tips that are sure to take the stress out of your next family holiday, leaving you free to have a wonderful time with the most important people in your life.

1. Pack Smart

pack smart
Even before you holiday begins, packing can cause a lot of stress. You don’t want to over or under pack, so save time and stress by making a list! This way, you’ll have everything you need and won’t risk forgetting important items. If you’re planning on a short family visit, save space and share a suitcase! Sites such as Luggage Direct have a wide range of luggage options to suit any holiday, as well as coloured space-saving compartments to keep everyone’s gear separate and stop those suitcase-sharing arguments!

2. Be Prepared

Don’t get caught off guard with bored kids (or being bored yourself!). For long-distance trips, prepare enough snacks and entertainment so you can enjoy a peaceful journey. Keep electronics charged with in-car charges and make those batteries last. Overnight flights are more comfortable with a neck pillow and a scarf to keep you warm or block unwanted light. Keep the kids entertained with a variety of activities including colouring books, games such as ‘I spy’ and, if driving, take a break every couple of hours so everyone can have a good stretch. The more enjoyable the journey, the less stress (and more fun) you and your family will have getting to your destination!

3. Time Out

time out
As much as we love spending time with our loved ones, everyone needs a break now and then. Be a little selfish and indulge in some ‘me time’; after all, it’s your holiday too! Find at least 10 minutes each day to do something you enjoy such as reading a good book, going for a relaxing walk or perhaps indulging in a massage. Family time is important but it can be a little overwhelming, so enjoy some quiet time to de-stress from all the hustle and bustle.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

Family visits don’t always go as expected. If certain family members don’t get along, don’t expect them to on your visit. Save yourself some stress and have a plan to deal with more difficult family members. Young children tire easily, so if you’re planning a long day, make sure they have plenty of rest to reduce the risk of a tantrum. Teenagers may not want to spend all day with the family, so have at least one activity they must attend and be more lenient on other activities to ensure no one goes off to sulk.

5. Be Organised

be organised
There’s nothing more stressful than running late. Plan how to arrive at your destination and allow extra time for traffic and other delays. Lay your clothes out the night before so you can get dressed and go the following morning. Having all luggage and snacks packed the night before will also make for a smooth departure. Organising a trip may be hard work, but it will pay off with a stress-free journey for you and the family!

Family holidays can be a nightmare, but some easy tricks will reduce your stress so you can have a lovely time. Please share any of your tips for a stress-free family holiday in the comments below.

Image Credits: Pixabay.com