5 Reasons to Give Flowers on Special Occasions

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Giving flowers has already been a common practice in almost every part of the world. Whether it is for a special someone, a friend, a family member, or even a random neighbor who just moved into your neighborhood, flowers are definitely one of the most perfect gifts out there that you can definitely consider. But come to think of it, what make flowers the number one gift idea? Keep on reading to find out.

1. Own language

May it be love, hate, gratitude, or sympathy, flowers can depict way more messages than you can imagine. Red roses, which symbolizes love, is probably the most famous example. Dwarf sunflowers is also a known symbol of adoration, while Yellow Carnation is a symbol of rejection or disappointment. The versatility of flowers is basically what makes it fit for any occasion.

2. Flowers last

A chocolate given on Valentine’s Day probably will no longer be existent by February 15. Same goes for other consumables like candies and biscuits. Flowers, however, can last for more than a week when given proper care and stored in the right room. The beauty of the flowers can be shared as it is not only enjoyed by the recipient, but also by those who will visit the recipient’s house. It can also temporarily serve as a decoration or centerpiece that will add color and style to a home.

3. Flowers are accessible

Whichever city you are in, you can easily find a florist. In fact, there is a New York City florist who came up with a really interesting concept. The florist nyc – PlantShed is a part coffee and a part flower shop. They not only have delightful coffee—they also have excellent service and gorgeous floral arrangements. A wide array of pots and vases is also available for purchase. One of the good things about this business is how they show their passion through their work. They try their best to make their customers’ purchases a convenient, educational and enjoyable process. They also offer loyalty programs for their customers to help them earn points every time they make a purchase.

4. Customizable

Flowers, as said above, can serve as a gift for any occasion. However, its versatility does not end there. Flowers are one of the most customizable gifts you can ever give to someone. Whether it is for your mom, your dad, your friend, your lover, you can definitely request for a flower arrangement which you think best suits them. They will appreciate not only your gift, but your thoughtfulness, too.

5. Work with any budget

Whether you are constraining your budget or not, I guarantee that you will find a beautiful bouquet out there. Flowers are sold at various price ranges, but cheaper ones does not make it less of an art. Florists, when working with cheaper bouquets, surely put in as much effort as they do when working with expensive ones. Regardless of its price, flowers, as well as their arrangements, are still their own kind of beautiful.

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