Planning a Family Camping Trip

Since the start of the school year, both parents and kids have all been busy dealing with office work, school work and household chores. And just a couple of months with these hectic schedules, you are surely longing for short break. A family camping trip could be a fabulous activity for your family especially during the balmy spring/summer season. It does not only take you off the hubbub of the city, it also gives you a break from your gadgets, the television and your chores. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for a short camping trip that will give your family more time to talk, bond and simply enjoy each other’s company.

camping trips
“A family camping trip could be a fabulous activity for your family especially during the balmy spring/summer season.”

Choose a Date and Location

A public holiday could be the break you’re all waiting for. Start looking around for a camp ground that is not too far from your area and checkout the activities that you might want to engage in near the area. Some camp grounds have a resort like amenities while others offer outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking or fishing. Also consider the influx of campers if you intend to camp out during a holiday as there might also families who have the same idea and some places can get jam-packed with vacationers.

Establish Your Itinerary

For a first family camping trip, three days and two nights is a good recommendation, but if you have limited time, an overnight weekend will do. Call up the campgrounds or resort for availability and check out any special events that they might have while you are camping. You may be able to join some activities while you are there too.

What to Pack?

Between now and the date of your trip, build your family’s excitement by starting to collect items that you will use on your camping. Here are some items that should make it on your list of things –

  • Clothes and toiletries
  • Food and drinks
  • Trash bag
  • Camp chairs
  • Tent, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows
  • Flashlight, camp lights
  • First aid kit
  • Cooking set
  •  Books, deck of cards, games

Enjoy Your Camping Experience

Before you leave for your camping ground, check the weather. If there’s rain in the forecast, include some rain gears such as ponchos and canopy to keep your tent and camp area dry and comfortable. Afterwards, evaluate your first family camping trip experience so that you’d have a better and more exciting trip next time.

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