Bad Habits

New year’s resolution means starting anew. It is peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But more often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year do-or-die; the reason I do not have any new year’s resolution this year (except for working harder). But it does not mean I do not have bad habits to reform or get rid off. I am not perfect after all. I have these two worst habits; the “manyana” or putting things off for tomorrow and the other one is doing many things at a time and ended with nothing accomplished.
Maybe for some people the “manyana” habit does not sound really bad as this is a common habit for most Filipinos but for me, it is really, really bad as there is reason for my “manyana” habit. I used to do things at once but since I started playing Cityville on FB, my life turns up-side-down. I put things aside because of Cityville until the day ended with unwashed dishes or taking a bath at 10pm onwards. There are also times that I sleep at 2am. Rhonnel says he will sue whoever is the founder of Cityville. Lol! As for my multi-tasking without results, well it is my long time habit that is hard to break. I do not know why I always wanted to do so many things at a time with enthusiasm but then before the tasks end, the passion is gone and so more of them are left undone.
I do not want to make any promises but I will do my very best to reform this bad habits of mine. God, help me!


Holiday Celebrations (Now and Then)

Yes, I am blaming the holiday season for my non-existence in all blog memes the past weeks.  Holiday celebrations are what kept us busy and was far more different from the holiday celebrations I grew up with. Of course the same practices but our celebration then was simpler. I remember the only dessert we had then was gelatin made from gulaman, the one we are using for “palamig”. My Mom used to melt it on a pan then added milk and sugar. That was it, our dessert for Noche Buena and Media Noche. Our place was surrounded with coconut trees but Mom seldom make “buko” salad because of its expensive ingredients. We also had fruits like grapes, oranges and apples but we can only have those on holiday seasons. For the ordinary days what we had were just bananas and other tropical fruits. As for the main dish, we always had spaghetti or pancit with white bread on the side on special occasions. That was our life in the province, very simple.

Now, we can eat whatever we want regardless of the occasion. That is the reason why I am gaining so much weight I think. (Yes its the food and not my lack of discipline…lol!) Below is the picture of our table last new years’ eve.

I was preparing the desserts as early as the 30th of December, leche flan and buko salad. The following day I cooked hamonado, bacon wrapped asparagus, breaded pork chop, shanghai, California Maki and chicken soup. I do not know why I had to cook so much food for the three of us but I was glad that I did because I did not cook for a week after New Year’s Eve…ehehe.

Life now may be more complicated but it has more to offer and I am enjoying every minute of it with Rhonnel and RJ.

Reconciliation and New Beginning

It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted here. I have been very, very busy the past holiday season. I took advantage of the long vacation to have great moments with my family.
Year 2010 was good, maybe not so much financially but I am thankful for the reconciliations and unity in the family. For the past fifteen years my Tito Ben, Mom’s youngest brother, has been separated from his family because of some reasons that was too personal to post here, besides I do not have any permission to post his family’s story. His wife died last month and their only daughter Charlene was left to her mother’s relatives in Batangas where they are residing. After fifteen long years, Charlene finally had the courage to look for his lost father whom she hasn’t seen since she was born. She traveled from Batangas to Cavite to hug and kiss Tito Ben for the first time. A touching scene that I thought happens only on television dramas.
Charlene and Tito Ben
Last December 26, 2010, the Bungalon clan had a reunion to welcome Charlene in the family. She is a pretty girl that looks exactly her father, the eyes, nose, lips, every inch of her face. I was happy to see Tito in good mood, smiling and in clean white shirt. He was so inspired. I know he did not expect for that moment to come but it did. I hope that is it the start of a new beginning for Tito Ben and Charlene. So many moments to catch up but it is not too late to make new good memories. GOD is so good and everything happens in HIS own time like this reconciliation and new beginning for Tito Ben and Charlene.

Our Talents and Abilities

Talent – a superior, apparently natural ability in the arts or sciences or in the learning or doing of anything. Do hubby and I have talents and abilities?Let me think of hubby’s talents first…hmmm…hmmm…I can’t think of anything. Lol! Well, Rhonnel is not an artistic person. He does not posses any natural ability when it comes to arts and crafts but he is very smart and very good in writing. I am encouraging him to blog but he does not like to because he said he is not patient enough to do what I am doing, blog hopping, researching, etc. Actually he is not patient enough to “butingting” or fix things. So whenever there is something to be fixed in the house, it is better to hire someone who is expert. He is very good in fixing computers though. He is my computer technician and we can save on that aspect. He is a good singer too. He may be not the best but he has this voice that captured my heart.How about me? I am hubby’s total opposite because I am good in arts and crafts. I love to sketch and paint. I am also good in scrapbooking, combining colors and designing and always open and eager to learn new things. As of now, I am making/designing a coffee table book of our wedding and trying to make my own blog layout. I want to do so many things. My only problem is I don’t have much time to do all of them.

I can sew a simple curtain, pillow case or even bed sheet. I can also hold a saw and hammer and make a small shelf or table and chair.  And one more thing, I am good in analysis. I can read a diagram and easily figure out how things are being assembled. So even Rhonnel is not patient to fix things, it is okay for us to buy those furniture to be assembled because I am the one doing that.Sorry, guys if this sounds bragging again. Actually it is only now that I realized I can do so many things.

RJ’s 8th Birthday

The picture below was taken inside the operating room eight years ago when I gave birth to RJ via caesarean section. It was an induced labor for 25 long hours and you cannot imagine the pain I went through. I thought I would die and won’t be able to see my baby. When I saw her I cried, tears of joy and relief.
This one was taken inside my hospital room. The proud parents while waiting for RJ to be roomed-in. Rhonnel and I were both excited. I hate it every time Rhonnel went to the nursery to see RJ while I was left in the room.
It was RJ’s 8th birthday yesterday, the reason why I was absent in the blogosphere the whole day yesterday. She hates it when I am blogging. I don’t know why. Maybe because she cannot play in the computer or maybe because I cannot give her my full attention or maybe both. So to make her happy on her special day I let her play her favorite computer games while I was attending to her needs.
We will celebrate her birthday tomorrow at my in-laws’ house so I just cooked pancit and bought her a little cake yesterday. Our gift really made her day. She asked for it and we promised to give it on her birthday, an original Philippine Edition Monopoly; an addition to her scrabble and snakes and ladders.
So more or less you already know what we did last night before hitting the sack, we played monopoly!