Rainy Father’s Day

Our original plan was to celebrate Father’s Day at Yellow Cab but the weather didn’t permit us to do so. It was a rainy Father’s Day so we decided to just celebrate at home. We bought roasted chicken from Baliwag Lechon, cake and ice cream. Sadly, we have no pictures to share as I was busy savoring hubby and RJ’s presence after a week of being home alone. I love watching them as they talk about RJ’s crushes in school. Gone are the days of diaper change and hubby is having a hard time admitting that sometimes. If only he could bring back time.

father and child playing bubbles

This is one of my favorite pictures of hubby and RJ. This was taken when we went to Baguio 6 years ago.

father and child

In this one, I don’t know how RJ was able to convince hubby to pose with her like this. Lol!

…and this is their latest photoshopped picture together. (I changed the background because the original is not pleasant to the eyes)

Hubby is a loving, sweet Dad that every little girl would love to have. I know many father are like him that’s why I do not understand why Father’s Day takes back seat to Mother’s Day. Fathers deserve the same fabulous gifts, the same attentions and the same tributes as Mothers receive.

To you my dearest husband, to my Dad and father-in-law, to my brothers and to all great Dads out there…belated HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Our Father’s Day Celebration

We had an advance father’s day celebration last Saturday. Again, it was just a simple celebration at home. I cooked carbonara, orange chicken fillet and we bought cake.
Then we gave our gift to Daddy Rhonnel. It doesn’t costs much but he liked it and displayed it in his office table. It is RJ and Mommy’s labor of love.

On father’s day itself, we went to SM Marikina to celebrate my niece’s birthday and these were the scenes.

People, mostly families, are everywhere. Establishments were jampacked most especially the restaurants so we had to wait for an hour before we were able to eat. It’s nice to see that families are giving importance to father’s day. Most fathers may not be showy like us mothers and they may not have been looked to as the nurturing creatures but fathers do care about their children and families so they deserve a very special day.

Father’s Day Plans

I am planning to cook special menus this Sunday for the Father’s day celebration but my sister-in-law is inviting us for her youngest daughter’s birthday celebration. Though it is lunch time, I am sure it will take us until late afternoon. May be we will have an advance Father’s day celebration on Saturday. I don’t have menus yet in mind but because it is hubby’s day, I want to surprise him with his favorite foods. That means we will forget about the diet again. Sunday is an exemption since there will be a celebration…excuses…excuses.

The truth is I feel guilty because I am preparing sandwiches and other light meals for dinner for 2 weeks now. I know Rhonnel is tired at work and hungry when he gets home. But he has gained so much weight and I am worried about his health. So to pay for the last two weeks meal, I will cook his favorite foods but only for Father’s day. After the celebration, back to sandwiches again. Giving priority to his health, should I feel guilty or not? Care to share your Father’s Day plans?