Keeping Family Communication Lines Open

The spate of violent crimes all over the world is truly alarming. Even more disturbing is the fact that a lot of these crazed gun men wantonly shooting anyone that comes their way are juveniles. One of the things to which experts attribute such behavior is the lack of communication at home. These juvenile delinquents did not have the attention they needed from their parents and other family members. Even without the risk of raising a young criminal, the importance family communication cannot be underscored enough.

family communictionEnjoying an open family communication line does not happen overnight. Nor is it something that you can demand from your children. The bond of family communication starts when your children are young and develops as they grow. That does not mean that everything is hopeless if you miss your child’s younger years. You simply have to gradually work your way to your child’s “world.” The older your child is, the harder it becomes to start breaking down the barriers of communication. You simply have to work at cultivating a better relationship with your child such that trust and confidence is developed. When this happens, you and your child can freely communicate about anything and everything.

To keep your family communication lines open, do not forget a few basics. This includes not being confrontational and judgmental. Respect your child for his opinions. This will give you an idea about what beliefs he is starting to form. Then, you can carefully steer him towards the right direction by objectively discussing other ideas. Rather than imposing your own opposing views, it would be a good exercise to try to see things in different perspectives and discuss the pros and cons. Don’t make it sound like a classroom discussion or a court room debate. A casual tête-à-tête would be a more relaxed and open way to make your child understand your point.

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Family Quality Time

There are too many things that occupy our days – most people do not run out of things to do in their list of errands. With all these things, people often run out of quality time to spend with the family. Many working parents come home late and spend only a few minutes to check whether the kids are home and safely tucked in. The weekends come as a time to do all the household chores and maybe get a few more hours of sleep. A lot of the kids today are not given as much attention as they need, especially when they reach their teenage years. It would be sad to look at your kids several years down the road and not know who they really are. Make sure you save a little bit of yourself and make time for your kids.


Eat meals together. Make sure that you all sit down around the table to eat a meal together. Breakfasts are usually too hurried and brief. That’s why family dinners are recommended. Set a fixed time for dinner when everyone is expected to be home. If you do not have the time to prepare dinner, you can order food from your favorite restaurant. The chores that come with preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards can be shared among the family members.

Have a family project. Find a common interest among the members of the family and plan a project that you can all complete together. The holidays are often the best times to do these projects. You can build a Christmas nativity scene for you front lawn or you can make a Wizard of Oz display for Halloween. On ordinary days, you can have a recycling project wherein everyone collects plastic bottles or soda cans to be taken to the recycling center at a specified date. This will get the whole family working together towards a common goal.

Schedule family vacations. Have fun with the entire family. Your annual vacation from work does not necessarily have to be spent doing all your backlogged errands and long overdue tasks. Plan a family getaway and spend the week hanging out and bonding with your children.

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Keeping Them Busy

The annual holiday is that time of the year when the whole family can drop their responsibilities, stresses and grudges with one another, and head off to a place of serenity and some well-timed relationship bonding. If, like many other families, you are the proud owner of a cat, holiday season can pose a bit of a conundrum with what to do with your pet.


Finding the best solution for your pet when you’re going on holiday can be done by taking certain aspects into consideration. Making your pet feel at home even when he isn’t will be achieved if the person who’s going to look after him loves pets and most importantly has had the chance to meet the animal at least once before you leave.

Cats tend to be fussier and their trust is harder to gain therefore they are first on the list. Seeking attention only when desired means that the person in charge has to be patient. Taking them too far away from the place they live at will make them feel home sick and try to escape in an attempt to return to where they belong. Another trick which might distract felines is bringing their toys along with them. Cat scratching posts and climbers will trigger their playful mood and days tend to go by faster when having a good time.

Puppies make the situation even more difficult, because they crave attention 24 hours a day/7 days a week. At such a young age all they think about is playing and running around. Keeping a young dog entertained may turn out to be trickier than you thought. In such cases, toys which have fun shapes and produce squeaky noises can keep a puppy in awe for a couple of days. Another secret would be to hide some of the toys, so that the fluffy critter forgets about them and when you give the objects back, he discovers them all over again. Kong Dog Toys have a wide range of products to choose from.

By the time they reach maturity, dogs tend to get highly attached to their owners. When they are separated from the ones they are devoted to, canines might feel very lonely and abandoned. Therefore looking for a substitute while you are away on holiday is important.

In addition to this, buying toys which require use of their intelligence will keep them busy and physically active. They won’t have time to be bored and miss you. Dog agility toys can be ordered on the Viovet online pet store.

Reconciliation and New Beginning

It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted here. I have been very, very busy the past holiday season. I took advantage of the long vacation to have great moments with my family.
Year 2010 was good, maybe not so much financially but I am thankful for the reconciliations and unity in the family. For the past fifteen years my Tito Ben, Mom’s youngest brother, has been separated from his family because of some reasons that was too personal to post here, besides I do not have any permission to post his family’s story. His wife died last month and their only daughter Charlene was left to her mother’s relatives in Batangas where they are residing. After fifteen long years, Charlene finally had the courage to look for his lost father whom she hasn’t seen since she was born. She traveled from Batangas to Cavite to hug and kiss Tito Ben for the first time. A touching scene that I thought happens only on television dramas.
Charlene and Tito Ben
Last December 26, 2010, the Bungalon clan had a reunion to welcome Charlene in the family. She is a pretty girl that looks exactly her father, the eyes, nose, lips, every inch of her face. I was happy to see Tito in good mood, smiling and in clean white shirt. He was so inspired. I know he did not expect for that moment to come but it did. I hope that is it the start of a new beginning for Tito Ben and Charlene. So many moments to catch up but it is not too late to make new good memories. GOD is so good and everything happens in HIS own time like this reconciliation and new beginning for Tito Ben and Charlene.

Our Accomplishments

After we got married, we lived at my in laws house for six months. We dreamed of having a simple house that we can call our own and so it happened. Though this house has no garden or lawn like that of what I was dreaming of, it is way too close. When we got here, it has no ceiling, laundry area, and terrace and it was painted in all white that when you touched the wall the paint will stick to your hand like that of a chalk. I still remember we did not have television and component then but we had betamax. We had monoblock stools and folding table for our dining, our sink was not tiled yet, and we did not have kitchen cabinets. But before RJ came, the house was finished and fully furnished. Though we are still paying it through Pag-Ibig, we can call it our own house.
First Christmas in our house with our very first TV on top
        of the side table. We did not have money for the TV rack.

We also dreamed to have two or three kids but God gave us only one. We can still have kids if we want to but since I am into steroids because of my asthma, Rhonnel does not want to take the risk. It’s all right because God always has His reasons. He gave us a pretty, smart and loving child anyway and we are contented and happy with her.

We are not rich (believe or not I am not dreaming to be one), but we are living a great life now (without savings, lol!). RJ is studying in the best school here, we can eat what we want, buy what we want and we can go on vacation when we have the extra funds. And I am proud to say it is all because of our hard works and love for each other. Material wealth is not the main component in success anyway. What important are the peace of mind, enthusiasm for life, a fulfilling relationship and happiness. And I can say that these are our best accomplishments.