Making Memories Last Forever

Advances in technology have enabled us to capture special events and store them in digital files that are quite easy to view anytime we wish to. Digital cameras and virtual storage have made it all too easy for us to keep memories and share them with friends and loved ones.

However, this wasn’t the case years back. Before the advent of digital technology, we had to make do with video tapes and 8mm or 16mm films. Believe me, during those times, we all wanted to have our own video cameras to record various occasions and watch those films on home projectors during weekends and reminisce the memories. Unfortunately, these films were not made to last a lifetime and have turned brittle and worn out after many viewings through the years. This is why we have opted to look for a reliable service provider that does 8mm video conversion before we risk losing all those captured moments. I really do want my children to be able to see my most cherished moments when I was young.

Among those that we found and are considering is They convert 8mm, Super8, and 16mm films to digital DVDs and even transfer them to external hard drives. They are also able to splice damaged films together before doing the digital transfers to ensure that digital video files are seamless. Scratches and other deteriorations are repaired first as well. Aside from film to digital transfer services, they also scan photographs, negatives, slides and albums. Those in my generation did not have the convenience of memory cards to store photos. What we had were film negatives that had to be developed in photo studios so we usually just had one precious copy of each picture taken. I’ve got quite a few that are already starting to fade so I’m also considering having them scanned and stored digitally for posterity.

All these videos and photographs are memories of how wonderful our lives have been. Going through them from time to time never fails to warm our hearts. Years from now, during old age, my memory will most likely fail me and these videos and photographs would be the only thing that could remind me of how well my life was spent.

Online Games For One

The kids are off to school, and you don’t quite feel like doing any chores around the house. Well, that is the perfect time to pull out your tablet or iPad and play some online games. There are a lot of games that you can play by yourself to waste some time, but here are some of my favorites.


Solitaire is one of my favorite online games because there are so many different versions of it that you can play. I started playing the basic version of solitaire on my old windows computer, and have played just about every iteration since. If you’re looking for a fun card game to play by yourself, solitaire is a great choice.


Bingo is a fun game for me to play because it doesn’t really require much effort or thought. That makes it perfect for playing when you don’t want to think about things. I like sites like CheekyBingo, because they have a fun twist on traditional bingo, but it still doesn’t require too much effort. Remember, though, these games to cost real money if you want to win real money!

Casino Games

You also have your choice of casino games that you can play online. Some of these can involve a lot of thinking and strategy, but you want be wanting to work your mind instead of your body. Many sites offer fun games like Blackjack, Poker, and even slots. Most of these sites try to make the experience just like being in a regular casino, which makes it fun. However, many sites let you gamble with real money, so be careful you don’t go overboard.

Multiplayer Games

Finally, you could always play multi-player online games, but most of these types of games require a lot of thought and strategy, and also usually cost money. These games are usually community based, so it can be hard to pick it up from time to time. But, if you want something a little more in-depth, playing a multiplayer online game can be great entertainment.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

I read somewhwere that only few traits are passed on from fathers to children. There is also one who said that a child is more likely to resemble his mother than his father because he carries his mother’s mtDNA. This is not true however with RJ as she got most of her Dad’s physical looks and traits. If there’s one trait that RJ got from me it is her artistic abilities. She got my creativity genes and my love for arts.

Last week she made her portfolio in Science. Instead of just placing her materials in the clear book, she artistically put some designs.

colorful art

She loves to color, cut colorful papers, paint and draw. That was me exactly when I was her age. Like mother, like daughter.

Traditionally we think that only the traits of the parent  with dominant genes are being passed on. The truth is kids can inherit traits of both parents, be it of dominant genes or recessive ones. Although children often look more like one parent than the other, most offspring seem to be a blend of the characteristics of both parents.

Condenser Microphone for the Girl Who Loves to Sing

RJ got a condenser microphone as a gift from Uncle Guido. As expected, our girl who listens to everything and loves to sing is very happy and excited. She immediately plugged the microphone but to her dismay, it didn’t work. We looked at the specs to have a better understanding why the microphone didn’t work and we found out (well, both RJ and I are not techy) that it needs a phantom powered amplifier and/or mixer.

Though there’s no simple adapter or amplifier that can make it work, we still hoped that somehow there’s a software that we can use. We browsed the website where we always look for top quality music software but got nothing for the new microphone.

A condenser microphone has built-in preamps so what we really need is a phantom powered amplifier with wide operating range. Looks like Mom really needs to buy one for the clearest and most nuanced sound.

Perseverance Finally Paid Off

When RJ came home last week from school, she happily and proudly announced that she made it to Top 10. She’s the Top 9 not just in her class but in the whole grade five level. Hubby and I were thrilled with the great news. It doesn’t matter if she gets the 1st 2nd 3rd place medals or not on the recognition day. What matters is her hard work and perseverance finally paid off. Though she’s not very vocal about it, I know she is dreaming to be included in the top 10. But for hubby and me, she did good enough and we are so proud of her. Who wouldn’t be? There are six sections in grade five with 35-40 students in each section. To be ranked 9th among those students is already a big achievement.

If there’s one subject that RJ needs to concentrate on, it’s Mathematics. Just like most of us, Math is her waterloo that is why we got her a Math tutor. We don’t want to push her hard but she needs to learn the concepts of Mathematics and enhance her Math skills such as analysis, solving challenging problems, etc. She is very good in writing though. She loves to write stories and compose poems and sometimes song. Yes, she sings well and plays guitar and flute.

I still remember, she’s nearly 3 years old when she learned to read and exactly 3 years old when she first spelled simple words. She has changed a lot now. There are times that I am astounded as I hear her talk. Her widsom grows as big as she is but she remains as sweet and loving.