Our Accomplishments

After we got married, we lived at my in laws house for six months. We dreamed of having a simple house that we can call our own and so it happened. Though this house has no garden or lawn like that of what I was dreaming of, it is way too close. When we got here, it has no ceiling, laundry area, and terrace and it was painted in all white that when you touched the wall the paint will stick to your hand like that of a chalk. I still remember we did not have television and component then but we had betamax. We had monoblock stools and folding table for our dining, our sink was not tiled yet, and we did not have kitchen cabinets. But before RJ came, the house was finished and fully furnished. Though we are still paying it through Pag-Ibig, we can call it our own house.
First Christmas in our house with our very first TV on top
        of the side table. We did not have money for the TV rack.

We also dreamed to have two or three kids but God gave us only one. We can still have kids if we want to but since I am into steroids because of my asthma, Rhonnel does not want to take the risk. It’s all right because God always has His reasons. He gave us a pretty, smart and loving child anyway and we are contented and happy with her.

We are not rich (believe or not I am not dreaming to be one), but we are living a great life now (without savings, lol!). RJ is studying in the best school here, we can eat what we want, buy what we want and we can go on vacation when we have the extra funds. And I am proud to say it is all because of our hard works and love for each other. Material wealth is not the main component in success anyway. What important are the peace of mind, enthusiasm for life, a fulfilling relationship and happiness. And I can say that these are our best accomplishments.

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  1. agree with u, God has His reasons…

    if we try to live with what we have, life would be comfortable enough to be shared between two loving and responsible people.

    Imagine when our kids grew to be as respectable and as loving as we dreamt of them to be…what can this world be?

  2. Oh you are into steroids pala tokaya… Buti pa kayo 14 years na ang payment kami nagumpisa uli.. Okay lang ang isang anak, mas okay, kasi you can really give RJ the best of everything.. We only prayed for one but God gave us two..

    Thanks for peeking at Our accomplishments

  3. i really do believe you when you say you don't dream to be rich because i don't either. we just happen to realize that happiness can not be bought by any material thing..

  4. Parang kayo kami ah, tuwing maglilipat, laging ni walang upuan, may TV walang patungan, hehehe. Hay, life can be interesting. Di mo naman masasabi kung ano ang hinaharap base sa ngayon. It's better to start humble than to start with everything and lose it coz marriage fails di ba? Your being together and strong marriage and your daughter are the greatest accomplishment a couple can ever have.

  5. You are blessed for having a perfect husband and for having a sweet daughter,RJ–what else you can ask for?!I guess having a happy family to call your own is the biggest accomplishment and you have it in your hands^_^God bless you and your family,Mommy Rossel!

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