Is Your Husband Ignoring You?

Hubby is loving and romantic by heart but there are times that he doesn’t seem to notice me…it is when there is a BMEG Llamados game (he is a big fan) and when he is reading something. There was this time that I asked him but he doesn’t seem to hear me. When I looked on what he’s reading at, it was syntheroid reviews. He said he got so engrossed because he is curious if the thing really works.

I heard a lot of women complaining that their husbands ignore them but this may not be always true. Sometimes it is us, women who are craving for too much attention. We always want good morning and good night text and the occasional check up throughout the day. We want our husband to notice our new hairdo and always want to hear compliments such as how sexy we look on a dress or how good our cooking is. If you tell me otherwise, then you are lying.

You must understand that your husband has a life too other than being your husband. He has job to think about, bills to worry about, etc. So how would you know if your husband is really ignoring you or if he is just into deep contemplation?

Your husband is ignoring you if…

  • He talks to your cat/dog but does not speak a word in front of you unless you speak to him first.
  • Answers you with one word.
  • Asks you but walks away before you can utter a word as if he doesn’t want to hear your answer.
  • Asks your children how their day went but doesn’t bother about your day.
  • He would rather be in front of his laptop than watch TV with you.
  • Tells the big news, such as job promotion, to his parents and friends before he breaks it to you.
  • Doesn’t want to hear your suggestions or any of your plans.
  • Doesn’t want to tag you along on parties.
  • He would rather be out and spend the day somewhere else during weekends.

So depressing! But you know, not talking to him in return would just aggravate the situation and will further affect your marriage. The best thing to do is to sit with him, talk and let him know how you feel. Ask also if something is bothering him. Give him assurance that you are there to listen and to support him in all his endeavors.

Promises Are Made to Be Broken

Somehow, it is true that promises are made to be broken as I am not very good in keeping my promises sometimes. It is not because I have no one word but because of unavoidable circumstances and…okay, okay, I must admit I am not good in prioritizing as well. There are times that I promise Rhonnel to cook his favorite food or promise RJ to make her favorite dessert or play with her on weekends, but once urgent tasks are assigned to me then the promises made would be forgotten. I cannot count the times I have disappointed them most especially RJ. There are also times that I would promise to do this or that or attend to this and that, but other tasks or occasions would call my attention and I would forget about the promise. This is another bad habit that I forgot to include on my CC entry last week.

I know I should not make promises that I know I cannot keep, but sometimes the pressure of an invitation is so strong that I would say yes without knowing first if I can attend to it. So my promise is…before making any promises, I will make sure that I am capable of keeping them to the end.

As for Rhonnel, I do not know if he promised to be more romantic this year but I have noticed that he is sweeter. He hugs me and kisses me more often and sometimes calls me and asks me to lie or sit beside him then we would cuddle while he is watching on TV. Whether he made that promise or not, all I can say is I looove it!

Bad Habits

New year’s resolution means starting anew. It is peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But more often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year do-or-die; the reason I do not have any new year’s resolution this year (except for working harder). But it does not mean I do not have bad habits to reform or get rid off. I am not perfect after all. I have these two worst habits; the “manyana” or putting things off for tomorrow and the other one is doing many things at a time and ended with nothing accomplished.
Maybe for some people the “manyana” habit does not sound really bad as this is a common habit for most Filipinos but for me, it is really, really bad as there is reason for my “manyana” habit. I used to do things at once but since I started playing Cityville on FB, my life turns up-side-down. I put things aside because of Cityville until the day ended with unwashed dishes or taking a bath at 10pm onwards. There are also times that I sleep at 2am. Rhonnel says he will sue whoever is the founder of Cityville. Lol! As for my multi-tasking without results, well it is my long time habit that is hard to break. I do not know why I always wanted to do so many things at a time with enthusiasm but then before the tasks end, the passion is gone and so more of them are left undone.
I do not want to make any promises but I will do my very best to reform this bad habits of mine. God, help me!


Our Accomplishments

After we got married, we lived at my in laws house for six months. We dreamed of having a simple house that we can call our own and so it happened. Though this house has no garden or lawn like that of what I was dreaming of, it is way too close. When we got here, it has no ceiling, laundry area, and terrace and it was painted in all white that when you touched the wall the paint will stick to your hand like that of a chalk. I still remember we did not have television and component then but we had betamax. We had monoblock stools and folding table for our dining, our sink was not tiled yet, and we did not have kitchen cabinets. But before RJ came, the house was finished and fully furnished. Though we are still paying it through Pag-Ibig, we can call it our own house.
First Christmas in our house with our very first TV on top
        of the side table. We did not have money for the TV rack.

We also dreamed to have two or three kids but God gave us only one. We can still have kids if we want to but since I am into steroids because of my asthma, Rhonnel does not want to take the risk. It’s all right because God always has His reasons. He gave us a pretty, smart and loving child anyway and we are contented and happy with her.

We are not rich (believe or not I am not dreaming to be one), but we are living a great life now (without savings, lol!). RJ is studying in the best school here, we can eat what we want, buy what we want and we can go on vacation when we have the extra funds. And I am proud to say it is all because of our hard works and love for each other. Material wealth is not the main component in success anyway. What important are the peace of mind, enthusiasm for life, a fulfilling relationship and happiness. And I can say that these are our best accomplishments.

Glimpses of Our Future

When I met Rhonnel I never thought that we will be together for life. We were officemates and I thought that that was it. We became friends and we were together almost everyday. I saw his kindness, his being responsible and his being God-fearing. And who would not be in-loved with a man like him? When I gave him my sweet “YES”, I realized that his kindness was not just a bait to hook me. He is really a kind-hearted person. Because of that I knew that he would be a very good husband and a loving father.

On our first month as sweethearts, he gave me an engagement ring. That’s how fast he was. Though I did not say yes at once because I was not ready yet to get married and I still have fears, I started to daydream and have a glimpse of our future together; living on our own house, having three kids, and live a simple yet happy family life.
It is but natural for the future husband and wife to daydream and have a glimpse that they will stand beside each other through both the heartaches and the joys and hope that they will be fit and be able to live together happily. But the truth is not all marriages have “happily ever after” endings. Marriage has many issues to be dealt with but if you will talk about these issues without fights and hang-ups, if you will respect each other’s decisions, thoughts and feelings and if you will love each other faithfully, then it is not impossible for your daydreams and future glimpses to become reality.
Did my future glimpses materialize? Well, you have to be back here next week to know.