Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are a cause for celebration. What better way to show that you care, than with a thoughtful or fun gift for the one you love?

Choosing the right anniversary gifts can make all the difference to your special anniversary day. Getting Personal can help – as an online shopping resource with a wide range of beautiful, quirky and fun gifts to suit all tastes. They understand that you want something intimate and unique, which is why they specialise in gifts that can be customised with your own names and messages. How about giving your partner a beautifully bound copy of Romeo and Juliet. Have the story personalised with both your names substituted for the two star crossed characters in this classic love story for a truly one of a kind present. Or why not send a stunning bouquet of flowers, with your own special message printed on the satin ribbon wound around them. For iPhone and BlackBerry owners, there are several different cover designs available; each of which can be personalised to make a daily reminder to your partner of your love and affection. All you need to do is give the name of your choice and they will produce a unique one of a kind phone cover using their state of the art technology, just like this cute “two peas in a pod” cover.

iPhone cover

There are so many possibilities for making your anniversary gift a touching token that will delight your partner; Getting Personal gives you plenty of ideas to get you started. They make it easy and convenient for you to create a truly special gift for your partner without having to trawl round the shops, or look at lots of different websites to do so. You can have fun shopping while you decide what message to add to the personalised chocolate bar you’ll add in as an extra treat. Getting Personal also has trips and overnight stays to choose from; they really do have every kind of gift. All you have to do is to choose which one will make your partner smile.

How to Love Your Man Even if He Doesn’t Have the Skills of a Tradesmen

Men, as we women know, are not too vocal about their feelings. When there is a problem that needs fixing such as a broken door or putting up a shelf. You can nudge them all you want, but unless they know what they are doing they probably won’t even get off the cough.

One of the things your husband or life partner won’t tell you is that he doesn’t know how to do something so if something need fixing, you can chalk it up to male pride, but you most likely won’t find him with his tool box out trying to fix it. Even if you try and persuade him pride can be a powerful thing and if he doesn’t know how to fix something you’ll never get him to try.

Because you know better, you now owe it to yourself- and to him- to take on the challenge of showing him you will love him even if he can’t do these things.

Men’s egos like to be stroked, so feed that. Let’s say, you want to get some woodwork done in the kitchen. If you happen to live in the UK and your man isn’t the best electrician Manchester has to offer, try to keep it under wraps at first, and don’t tell your husband you know about his weakness. He may feel that you perceive him to be incapable of doing the job himself. Men love it when you think highly of them, that to you, they are Superman incarnate. Make him feel that not even the best Manchester electrician matches his skills. Let the idea of seeking help elsewhere come from him- not you.

Give him your understanding. If we women are suckers for a bouquet of fragrant flowers, men fall weak at the knees when we understand them. If he says he’s too tired to do the wood work or the painting that is needed. Then try to keep yourself from nagging him and making an issue out of nothing.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to love the man in your life. Just make him feel special and cherished, and he’s sure to return the favour. However if you make him feel inadequate and let him know that he isn’t a match for the tradesmen out there then he isn’t going to thank you for it.


Is Your Husband Ignoring You?

Hubby is loving and romantic by heart but there are times that he doesn’t seem to notice me…it is when there is a BMEG Llamados game (he is a big fan) and when he is reading something. There was this time that I asked him but he doesn’t seem to hear me. When I looked on what he’s reading at, it was syntheroid reviews. He said he got so engrossed because he is curious if the thing really works.

I heard a lot of women complaining that their husbands ignore them but this may not be always true. Sometimes it is us, women who are craving for too much attention. We always want good morning and good night text and the occasional check up throughout the day. We want our husband to notice our new hairdo and always want to hear compliments such as how sexy we look on a dress or how good our cooking is. If you tell me otherwise, then you are lying.

You must understand that your husband has a life too other than being your husband. He has job to think about, bills to worry about, etc. So how would you know if your husband is really ignoring you or if he is just into deep contemplation?

Your husband is ignoring you if…

  • He talks to your cat/dog but does not speak a word in front of you unless you speak to him first.
  • Answers you with one word.
  • Asks you but walks away before you can utter a word as if he doesn’t want to hear your answer.
  • Asks your children how their day went but doesn’t bother about your day.
  • He would rather be in front of his laptop than watch TV with you.
  • Tells the big news, such as job promotion, to his parents and friends before he breaks it to you.
  • Doesn’t want to hear your suggestions or any of your plans.
  • Doesn’t want to tag you along on parties.
  • He would rather be out and spend the day somewhere else during weekends.

So depressing! But you know, not talking to him in return would just aggravate the situation and will further affect your marriage. The best thing to do is to sit with him, talk and let him know how you feel. Ask also if something is bothering him. Give him assurance that you are there to listen and to support him in all his endeavors.

Give Gifts Anytime of the Year

The husband of a good friend of mine texted me and asked me what I think is the best Valentine’s Day gift for his wife. He said it should be something special because it is Valentine’s Day. I think asking me what his wife wants is pointless. He is the husband so he knows what the best gifts for her would be because he knows his wife more than anyone else.

I am wondering why thinking for Valentine’s Day gifts stresses most men and women and drive them up the wall. What’s with Valentine’s Day that other days don’t have? I understand that Valentine’s Day is the day of hearts, which means love.  It may be a wonderful day, but wouldn’t it be great if you were to make everyday a Valentine’s Day and make your loved ones feel loved and special most days of the year? Oh yes, giving gifts can be done anytime of the year, not only on special occasions as we got used to. I know with the economy that we have right now, most of us are running short of cash. Well, gifts don’t always have to be elaborated. Most of the time the simple ones are the most appreciated. As they say, it is the thought that counts. You can just call a flower delivery or perhaps a light pat on the shoulder or a small gesture of concern will do.  It does not only express your affection, it also strengthens bonds with family and friends.

One of the great things about giving gifts is that it is the giver and not the receiver who gains most from it. It will boost your feelings and will make you feel more caring.  What are you waiting for? Show the love and compassion to your loved ones now and anytime of the year.

Young Love

When my cousin Jhanna, the one who just had her debut two weeks ago, was asked what her birthday wish is, she said she hopes that her father would allow her to have a boyfriend now that she’s 18. I smiled because I had my first date at 20. I don’t understand why teens today are over eager to have partners. I know a teen girl in the neighborhood who celebrated her 16th birthday with cake, Sweet 16 Invitations, cotillion and all. It’s like having a debut in advance. After her birthday she thought she is matured enough to get married and have a baby.

young love

When I watched “Tunay na Buhay” (hosted by Rhea Santos) last September 23, their episode was about a young couple who are both 14 years old. I can’t help but sigh and ask myself how they would cope with married life despite their young age. Are they ready for a life-long commitment?

Though young love and teenage marriage are already accepted by society, based on what I have seen around, young couples have less schooling and less opportunities thus, they have more chance of living in poverty. These kids should understand that marriage is not a bed of roses. It’s a life-long commitment so they must be matured enough and are really ready physically, emotionally, and financially before they say “I do”.

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