Is Your Husband Ignoring You?

Hubby is loving and romantic by heart but there are times that he doesn’t seem to notice me…it is when there is a BMEG Llamados game (he is a big fan) and when he is reading something. There was this time that I asked him but he doesn’t seem to hear me. When I looked on what he’s reading at, it was syntheroid reviews. He said he got so engrossed because he is curious if the thing really works.

I heard a lot of women complaining that their husbands ignore them but this may not be always true. Sometimes it is us, women who are craving for too much attention. We always want good morning and good night text and the occasional check up throughout the day. We want our husband to notice our new hairdo and always want to hear compliments such as how sexy we look on a dress or how good our cooking is. If you tell me otherwise, then you are lying.

You must understand that your husband has a life too other than being your husband. He has job to think about, bills to worry about, etc. So how would you know if your husband is really ignoring you or if he is just into deep contemplation?

Your husband is ignoring you if…

  • He talks to your cat/dog but does not speak a word in front of you unless you speak to him first.
  • Answers you with one word.
  • Asks you but walks away before you can utter a word as if he doesn’t want to hear your answer.
  • Asks your children how their day went but doesn’t bother about your day.
  • He would rather be in front of his laptop than watch TV with you.
  • Tells the big news, such as job promotion, to his parents and friends before he breaks it to you.
  • Doesn’t want to hear your suggestions or any of your plans.
  • Doesn’t want to tag you along on parties.
  • He would rather be out and spend the day somewhere else during weekends.

So depressing! But you know, not talking to him in return would just aggravate the situation and will further affect your marriage. The best thing to do is to sit with him, talk and let him know how you feel. Ask also if something is bothering him. Give him assurance that you are there to listen and to support him in all his endeavors.

Hearts Everywhere

When you are in love, you feel special and you feel good. You feel like every love song is meant for you, no waking up on the wrong side of the bed, you can see hearts everywhere and the world seems brighter and beautiful each day.

This is exactly what I felt when Rhonnel and I were still on the stage of courting and dating. I was just afraid to admit at first that I am in love with him because I was traumatized by my previous relationships. Do not get me wrong. We are still very much in love. It is just that it is different when you have your kids. The attention, time, everything is divided and sometimes the kids are getting more of everything.

So as to keep the fire burning, we never fail to show that we still care. We make sure to have the time to reconnect by setting dates, just the two of us. We cuddle and kiss while watching movies here in the house. We are always honest, loving and supportive to each other.

Nothing is more important than you both being able to express your true feelings. These are the reasons why our fire never gets out of flame and why there are still hearts everywhere we go until now.

Kilig Moment in the Bus

L♥ve is in the air. Because it is l♥ve month, the C♥uple’s C♥rner would be filled with hearts and kilig moments this February. To start with, our theme for this week is “Our Firt Kilig Moment”. Oh my! I will not forget it. Would you believe that it happened inside the bus? Yes, the public utility bus you are riding in EDSA. The bus that is always jam-packed with commuters but has space for lovers…ehehe.

Rhonnel and I were officemates on a telecommunications company. Because we were both on operations department, we both have mid-shifts and graveyard shifts. His schedule then was 6am to 2pm while mine was 3pm to 11pm. He was courting me so he was obliged to fetch me at 11pm to be with me even in a short time. Every night, from Cubao, he sent me home to Pasig where I was residing. We were regular passengers of the jam-packed buses. One time, on our way home, he asked me if he can hold my hand. I didn’t reply. I looked at him instead and hold his hand. “Lub dub…lub dub…lub dub”. Those were our hearts murmuring, the only sound you can hear that time. Grabe palakasan kami! Take note…we’re not sweethearts yet. Yes, I like him a lot but I am a certified coy. Don’t worry, just a few months after, I gave him my sweet yes…and the rest would be tackled on our next C♥uple’s C♥rner themes. Wink!

Promises Are Made to Be Broken

Somehow, it is true that promises are made to be broken as I am not very good in keeping my promises sometimes. It is not because I have no one word but because of unavoidable circumstances and…okay, okay, I must admit I am not good in prioritizing as well. There are times that I promise Rhonnel to cook his favorite food or promise RJ to make her favorite dessert or play with her on weekends, but once urgent tasks are assigned to me then the promises made would be forgotten. I cannot count the times I have disappointed them most especially RJ. There are also times that I would promise to do this or that or attend to this and that, but other tasks or occasions would call my attention and I would forget about the promise. This is another bad habit that I forgot to include on my CC entry last week.

I know I should not make promises that I know I cannot keep, but sometimes the pressure of an invitation is so strong that I would say yes without knowing first if I can attend to it. So my promise is…before making any promises, I will make sure that I am capable of keeping them to the end.

As for Rhonnel, I do not know if he promised to be more romantic this year but I have noticed that he is sweeter. He hugs me and kisses me more often and sometimes calls me and asks me to lie or sit beside him then we would cuddle while he is watching on TV. Whether he made that promise or not, all I can say is I looove it!

Good Habits to Keep Forever

I will sound so conceited if I am going to enumerate my good habits. Naaaa, I am just kidding. So what are my good habits to keep? I am not perfect. No one is. But I am a very loving wife and caring mother. I want to attend to my family’s needs personally everyday, 24/7; cook their foods, wash and iron their clothes, massage them or even bathe them if I have to. I know these are our responsibilities but not all mothers and wives are given the chance to attend to their family’s needs everyday. I find Moms like me who are working at home very lucky because we can savor every minute with the most precious people in our life, play with our kids or just watch DVD movies with hubby. So those are the habits that I want to keep forever, my being loving and caring.


As for Rhonnel, aside from being loving and caring too, he does not complain when he gets home and the house is a mess because I was hooked in front of the computer the whole day. As long as he has delicious food to eat, he is contented. That is what I want him to keep, his being so understanding.