Summer Party Ideas

People often feel happier in summer. Retailers sell brighter clothes, the holiday season in here and summer means catching up with friends or spending time camping or going to the beach. The summer months can be a relaxed time with days spent with the sun caressing your skin or the temperate winds blowing softly through your hair. Summer feels and is different to all the other seasons.

 summer party
Pool party is a way to make a party last all day.

A Picnic

Lolling on blankets under the shade of age old trees is so relaxing. Gather a group of friends and BYO everything from food to chairs, blankets and drinks and you can be assured of a great catch up with close friends. Get togethers don’t have to be wild raucous occasions and a picnic could prove to be the perfect catch up party.

A Boat party

Sitting on deck watching the calm blue water parting beneath the bow of a boat is a leisurely experience, especially if you are with a group of friends with sunnies on and drinks in hand. You can hire a houseboat, board an organised party boat or even hire a boat which has a barbeque on board. This party can be as laid back or as boisterous as you choose to make it.

A Beach Party

This is a great way to have an all day party. If you have a 4wd vehicle, you can head to a part of the beach that only these vehicles can access. You can set up a mini camp for the day and enjoy the day in the company of friends. If partying with a group of swimmers, head to the beach early to grab a prime position near a safe flagged area and pitch sun shelters, take the eskies, towels and chairs and stay for the day. The day will be spent sunning, swimming lunching and making use of the barbeque area in the late afternoon.

A Pool party

Another way to make a party last all day! Lunch, drinks, inflatable pool toys, water pistols and takeout pizza or a barbeque can make this party go well into the night.

A themed party

Summer themes are limited only by your imagination. Why not have a Hawaiian or a Rio Carnivale themed party? A Mexican themed party with nachos, taco, a piñata, tequila and margaritas could be just the thing to get people in a party mood. You can also host a beach themed party in your home. A pool isn’t a necessity!

Catching up with a bunch of friends is simply the best thing to do in summer. You don’t have to throw a big party. Even a small get together will give you the chance to catch up on what’s been happening in everyone’s lives. The atmosphere will be relaxed and everyone can take a dip in the pool at any time, if having a pool party at home. To keep your pool well maintained during the party season, contact Alliance Pool Stores  for expert advice. Summer party time can be a fun time!

Kim Blair
Content Writer SF

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Fairy Tale Inspired or Pool Party for Debut

It feels good to be back online. I haven’t gone online for four days and I must admit, I missed everything on the net most especially blogging. The last time I was online was Saturday morning then we went to Cainta afterwards to attend my cousin’s debut. They have internet connection there but it’s only the time I can be with my family and relatives again so I chose not to be online because I knew that once I did, no one could stop me from blogging the whole day.

Jhanna, the debutant, was one of my favorite cousins and the daughter of my Aunt who passed away last March. Though we were a bit sad because Aunt Cora was not there to witness her princess’s big night, still the party was filled with colors and laughter.

I love everything in her party; from invitations (though I was hoping she’ll have Smilebox party invitations as suggested) down to her cake and to her gowns. Yes, gowns! She wore three different gowns that night and she just looked as fabulous with each. The make up artist spent four hours on Jhanna’s make-up and hair do.

It was a cute hair style and I watched how the artist did that. I just hope I can apply it to RJ’s hair. And oh, speaking of RJ, my princess was the flower girl. She is so pretty in her ecru dress made from Piña cloth with brown embroidery.

Watching RJ made me imagine how she’ll look like at her own debut. I was wondering if she would like to have the same fairy tale inspired party like Jhanna’s when she approached me and said “Mama, I want a pool party on my debut.” Does it mean hubby and I will be spared from spending for the three gowns and too many decorations? 🙂