Slay the Mats in Your Bombshell Sexy Workout Tops

Bombshell sexy workout tops

Just because you’re working out and exercising at home does not mean that you can go on your mat in your jammies and just whatever you have on. Yeah, they’re probably the comfiest to wear around the house and that’s perfectly fine if you’re just lounging around. For your workouts, you have to look at the part. It works wonders for your motivation when you look and feel good while exercising in outfits like Bombshell sexy workout tops.

Investing in good quality workout wear is a must. It’s not only for the aesthetics or for that gym OOTD on IG. Workout wear, or what’s now referred to as “athleisure wear,” needs to work for you not only in terms of style but also in terms of support and functionality. You want the right fit that supports your body and the functionality that allows you to perform efficiently on the mat or your exercise equipment. Luxury brand Bombshell sexy workout tops are engineered specifically to give ample support for your womanly curves as you stretch, spin, lift, strut, or run.

What’s great about Bombshell sexy workout tops is that they’re sexy and flirty without being too skimpy or revealing. Oh, you don’t want your female body parts peeking or popping out of your outfit while you’re exercising. The cut and style of these tops give the right amount of coverage so you can easily move comfortably without worrying about having a wardrobe accident. They actually cover you up enough that you can wear them outside the gym to go on errands, a short coffee shop break, or a quick meet-up.

Here are some of the great finds from their online catalog:

Perfection Sportsbra — this is just perfect for your everyday workouts. The front ruching and the shiny silver accents add a little bit of detail to make the style less boring. It has wide straps so your top doesn’t shift while you do your exercises. The straps meet into a sexy racerback that shows off your, well, sexy back. 

Dip Dye Seamless Bra — this is a more playful style that you can wear for your daily workouts. It’s like a cropped tankini with a hem that sits right over the rib cage. It has double straps and features a ring detail. It has an asymmetrical dip-dye accent design on one side that wraps under the armhole to the back.

Rockstar Sportsbra — rock your workouts in this camo patterned sports bra. It has a scoop neck front and meshes side panels for breathability. The open-back design is also super comfortable. The pink one is hardcore-cute if there’s such a descriptive term. This style screams “girl power!”

There are more styles to love in the Bombshell collection. The Statement Sportsbra and the Diamond Back Bra both have interesting back strap designs and accents. The Snake Seamless Bra is sugar and spice nice with its pastel colors. They also have matching leggings, shorts, and complement shirts to complete your outfit. You can even mix and match if you wish. Caring for your Bombshell athleisure wear is a breeze too as you can simply hand wash them and lay them out flat to dry. All tops and bottoms from their catalog are made of spandex and polyester.

You can definitely put your own personality into your athleisure wear with all the Bombshell sexy workout tops style options available. You can complete your workout outfits with other pieces from their catalog as well. Investing in these functional yet stylish athleisure wear is definitely worth every penny — the confidence and motivation that you get when wearing them while exercising is definitely priceless.

Summer Catalogues

When shopping for summer fashions, of course you want to shop from the best summer catalogues. With new designer styles, trends, and the latest fashion accessories, the best summer catalogues are going to carry a little bit of everything. So, depending on what you are shopping for, who you are shopping for, and the occasion or event, these are a few lookout catalogues to consider shopping with when summer rolls around.

summer catalogue

Jack Wolfskin –
For the outdoor enthusiast, this is it. Designer style hiking boots, jackets, coats, parkas, t-shirts, shorts, hiking pants, you name it. If you love the outdoors and need the right gear for your planned hiking summer excursion and want designer style looks for a low price, without compromising on quality, style or high end material finishes then this catalogue is a great one to consider.

Madeleine –
This interactive UK catalogue is another favourite for those who are looking for summer fashions and trends. The catalogue caters to the season, so with the summer just around the corner, you can find the latest styles, top designer trends, new looks for the season and casual to formal styles for men, women, and even for the kids.

Bonmarche –
Feeling good, looking good, and wearing the latest styles. All of these are possible when you shop with this chic, boutique style catalogue on the web this year. From the best flattering fit styles for women, to a crop top or maxi dress for a night out on the town, to the ideal coat or jacket for a formal dinner event with your spouse, men and women will find the ideal styles, as well as the latest hot trends, when shopping through this chic, trend setting catalogue online.

The classics –
Of course you can’t go wrong with the classics either. Jacamo for plus size styles for men, Simplybe for the plus sized ladies, Fashion world, fifty plus, La Redoute, and lookagain, are a few of the top fashion catalogues from which you can choose to shop. Add in the simple fact that they are affordable, offer great financing terms, and tend to carry the latest trends and fashions from top designer names, and what more could you ask for?

Regardless of who you are shopping for, what the event or occasion, or what time of the summer it is, if you want to look good, feel great and look the part, these are a few of the best summer catalogues to consider shopping with during the coming months.

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SAHM Fashion: Comfy Is Not Frumpy

Managing the household while taking care of the kids can zap the style out of a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). The home environment makes it easy to just settle with anything that makes you feel comfortable even if it means looking less chic. Moms may also be concerned with spoiling their clothes while doing household tasks and would rather wear old stuff from their closet instead of outfits that make them look good. These concerns are valid but it doesn’t mean that your fashion sense will also be kept in the closet. Moms who take care of the family’s needs should also learn how to care for their looks.

SAHM fashion

Sweatpants and tees are some of the most comfortable attire that can be worn while doing housework. Unfortunately, they can also be the most boring and least flattering clothes that a woman can wear. If you are the sweats and tees type, you can at least look for cuts or designs that flatter your body. Fitted tees and trouser sweat pants or yoga pants are some alternatives that you can consider. But don’t let yourself get stuck with this ensemble just because they are comfortable. There are other combinations that you can wear while doing errands in and out of the house. Capris, drawstring pants, skinny jeans, and t-shirt blouses can also give you comfort and style at the same time.

You can also bring out your casual chic fashion sense whenever your errands take you out of the house. Mix and match different tops and bottoms from your closet or go for your casual dress on trips to the grocery or in bringing the kids to school. Those who want to look good without having to splurge all the time can maintain a few basic and classic pieces in their wardrobe then just build-up their accessories with some novelties or funky finds. You can get a new look with your plain old dress by simply wearing new accessories with it.

Staying at home is not an excuse for taking your looks for granted. Your tasks may be less glamorous than corporate jobs but you don’t have to take the glam out of you. Think of it as trading in your corporate fashion with some stylish SAHM fashion. Household work calls for comfortable clothes that look good and make us feel good while at work.  For all SAHMs out there just remember that comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy.

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Is La Leche League Bra the Best for Breastfeeding?

If you are looking for the best, quality and recommended bras for nursing, then la leche league bra is for you. When you see many good review regarding an item, know that the product is the best. Therefore, when you go online, you will see that there are many good reviews regarding la leche league bra, which means they are the best. One of their most popular product is the la leche league soft cup padded bra.

La leche international a fashion house that is famous for there products called la leche league bra. La leche international has worked for over 55 years for now to make sure that they have enhanced the lives of nursing mothers together with their babies. La leche has put a lot of work to make sure their la leche league bras are of…

High quality
And lastly affordable

They have designed never seined before types of nursing bras. One of their famous nursing la leche league bra is the wrap and snap design. The best thing about this bra is that it can be adjusted to a woman’s ever-changing body size. Moreover, they have easy opening cups for easy access to the breasts. The breastfeeding la leche league bra is patent to the mother because they are mindful of the busy mothers who are always on the go and their need to continue to breastfeed their young ones when they go to work. These bras are…

Lastly fashionable.

Due to the above factors, when a woman has finished breastfeeding, most of them continue to wear them. Yet again, if you have small boobs, you can use this brand of bras to sleep or an all around the house bra.

Moreover, there are also maternity la leche league bras that will not only make you comfortable, but you can also adjust them as your body changes. The bra design uses a front closing cotton with a spandex cups with satim trim, which allows you to change the size of it with your bodies change.

La leche league bra is best when you are going to sleep by both women who have big or small breasts. Like the way you can buy Simone Perele online you can also buy la leche league bra online. Therefore, when you decide to go shopping for these items, you should also consider buying them online. You will get all the designs and styles in one online store.


A great nursing bra should have the qualities like la leche league bra has. If this is a must have product for you, make sure you buy them as soon as possible. You can also buy Simone Perele online because they are also the best. These items are readily available online at a very cheap price. For more information, take some time to visit la leche league bra online. There you will get all the details and information you need.

Buying Fall Clothes for Kids

As temperatures cool and the holidays approach, it is time to think about warmer kids’ clothing that is also fun and fashionable. No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find clothes that look great on the little ones and keep them safe and warm. Here are a few tips for what to buy and places you should go to shop.

Fall Clothes for Kids


Almost all kids love to wear costumes and not just on Halloween. Some kids’ costumes double as wardrobe additions. Examples of this include super hero T-shirts, unique onesies for infants, such as bumblebee, animal print and super hero onesies, and even super hero capes. You will find these at many stores, including many that also sell Adult Halloween Costumes. Check out these places, including online stores, for great deals right after Halloween.

Formal Clothing

The Holidays mean photo opportunities for many families. This is the time to consider purchasing holiday dresses and suits for the little ones. The standard boys’ grey suit with a tie is a good classic look. This season, the debonair look is strong for men – add some nice suspenders to your little boy’s formal outfit to give him this debonair touch.

Little girls’ dresses are easy to find. Trendy colors for this fall include burgundy, maroon, green, light pink and cobalt blue.

Shop online first to find the best deals. Have your kids’ clothing size handy. For further savings, check out local discount and second hand stores. You can often find new or like-new clothing at very reasonable prices.


Kids’ outerwear is especially fun this season. You can keep his or her head warm with an animal hat – chances are that if your child is school aged, he or she has already approached you with a favorite hat in mind. These hats are available in many stores online and offline and they come in several styles, colors and materials. Choose from pandas, cats, tigers, penguins, sock monkeys, cartoon figures and many more. Some hats have a scarf included. If not, choose a warm scarf that matches the color scheme of the hat.

Visit outlet stores for kids’ winter coats and boots. A waterproof coat with thermal lining is best for day-to-day use – choose one that matches the child’s hat and gloves. Occasions that are more formal may call for a nice woolen pea coat in black or tan.

Colorful rain boots are still very trendy for girls right now. You can find them in several colors and designs. Choose a solid color for more versatility if you believe your child will wear the boots often.

Casual Wear

Kids wear casual clothes more than any other outfits; with this in mind, make sure clothing is made to handle a lot of activity. Check clothing seams and zippers for quality before buying, when you can.

Denim jeans and corduroys are a casual clothing staple for cooler weather. Do not resign the list to plain blue jeans and pants, however. Denim with patterns and embellishment is still trending now for girls. Whatever you find, make it fun for them to wear, as well as warm and practical.


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