Fairy Tale Inspired or Pool Party for Debut

It feels good to be back online. I haven’t gone online for four days and I must admit, I missed everything on the net most especially blogging. The last time I was online was Saturday morning then we went to Cainta afterwards to attend my cousin’s debut. They have internet connection there but it’s only the time I can be with my family and relatives again so I chose not to be online because I knew that once I did, no one could stop me from blogging the whole day.

Jhanna, the debutant, was one of my favorite cousins and the daughter of my Aunt who passed away last March. Though we were a bit sad because Aunt Cora was not there to witness her princess’s big night, still the party was filled with colors and laughter.

I love everything in her party; from invitations (though I was hoping she’ll have Smilebox party invitations as suggested) down to her cake and to her gowns. Yes, gowns! She wore three different gowns that night and she just looked as fabulous with each. The make up artist spent four hours on Jhanna’s make-up and hair do.

It was a cute hair style and I watched how the artist did that. I just hope I can apply it to RJ’s hair. And oh, speaking of RJ, my princess was the flower girl. She is so pretty in her ecru dress made from Piña cloth with brown embroidery.

Watching RJ made me imagine how she’ll look like at her own debut. I was wondering if she would like to have the same fairy tale inspired party like Jhanna’s when she approached me and said “Mama, I want a pool party on my debut.” Does it mean hubby and I will be spared from spending for the three gowns and too many decorations? 🙂

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  1. That’s seems not too far Bes. Ang bilis lang ng panahon. Pool party may be less expensive pero for sure magbabago pa rin ang isip ni RJ before her debut:). Buti na lang pareho tayong isa lang ang anak na babaeng mag de- debut.

  2. a few years now and you’ll have a ‘grown-up’ daughter.. RJ may change her mind and for all we know, she might prefer a house party with chosen friends and close family members, right?

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