Like Mother, Like Daughter

I read somewhwere that only few traits are passed on from fathers to children. There is also one who said that a child is more likely to resemble his mother than his father because he carries his mother’s mtDNA. This is not true however with RJ as she got most of her Dad’s physical looks and traits. If there’s one trait that RJ got from me it is her artistic abilities. She got my creativity genes and my love for arts.

Last week she made her portfolio in Science. Instead of just placing her materials in the clear book, she artistically put some designs.

colorful art

She loves to color, cut colorful papers, paint and draw. That was me exactly when I was her age. Like mother, like daughter.

Traditionally we think that only the traits of the parent  with dominant genes are being passed on. The truth is kids can inherit traits of both parents, be it of dominant genes or recessive ones. Although children often look more like one parent than the other, most offspring seem to be a blend of the characteristics of both parents.

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