Like Mother, Like Daughter

I read somewhwere that only few traits are passed on from fathers to children. There is also one who said that a child is more likely to resemble his mother than his father because he carries his mother’s mtDNA. This is not true however with RJ as she got most of her Dad’s physical looks and traits. If there’s one trait that RJ got from me it is her artistic abilities. She got my creativity genes and my love for arts.

Last week she made her portfolio in Science. Instead of just placing her materials in the clear book, she artistically put some designs.

colorful art

She loves to color, cut colorful papers, paint and draw. That was me exactly when I was her age. Like mother, like daughter.

Traditionally we think that only the traits of the parent  with dominant genes are being passed on. The truth is kids can inherit traits of both parents, be it of dominant genes or recessive ones. Although children often look more like one parent than the other, most offspring seem to be a blend of the characteristics of both parents.

Children and Arts

I love arts and everything about it. It brings me pleasure that I can’t explain. I am happy that RJ also got this passion for arts. She loves to draw, sketch, color and make crafts just like me. She appreciates amazing designs and crafts like this bar stools. She even asked me if we can make stools like these for our house. I suddenly wanted to ask the owner where they bought their bar supplies. 🙂

I must agree with RJ…the bar stools are lovely and so are the tables. She sure has good eyes for great crafts. I think it runs in the blood.

Not all children are born with passion for arts but do you know that you can develop this bond between your children and arts that will enhance their creativity? By doing so, you can help them express their emotions and improve their social skills as well. Arts can also heal your child’s fear and trauma.

What are you waiting for? Encourage your child now to draw, color, mold clays or explore even if it means getting their hands dirty.

MS Paint Arts

If you are using Microsoft Windows most probably you know what MS Paint is because it comes standard with most versions of Microsoft Windows. This painting program can be used to teach your children the basic of panting software while they are practicing how to drag the mouse. I want to share with you some of RJ’s drawings using MS Paint.

MS Paintour house (according to her)

MS Paint Artunder the sea…

Drawing using MS Paint

In this one she copy-pasted clip art (the flowers along the pathway) and she was so happy when she discovered that.

Cuteness! I am glad she got one thing from me and that is her love for arts and crafts.

My Food Blog is Back

My food site is back with a new name “Kitchen Essentials”. Yes, I am pickle-minded most of the time but you can’t blame me because I am a woman (what an excuse!) Seriously, I have lots of time this vacation and since opps are rare, which makes me bored, I decided to customize my old food blog and create a new site.

“Kitchen Essentials” is about foods, recipes, kitchen tips, kitchen equipments, etc., while my new site “Arts, Crafts and More” is about visual arts wherein I will post my drawings and crafts and so as my daughter’s crafts  and anything related to visual arts. 

I would appreciate it very much if you will follow my new sites and add them in your blog roll. If you are interested in exchanging links with me, you can leave your comments together with your blog URL. Thank you in advance and more power to all of you my blogger friends.


Hubby and I are big fans of Papemelroti. He used to give me gifts from Papemelroti when we were still dating, figurines, stationery, posters, etc. 

What is Papemelroti? Papemelroti is a gift shop that designs products that help encourage, uplift and inspire, as well as bring beauties to home. They have themes for family, friendship, love of God, country and environment. Most of their products are environment friendly because mostly are made of papers. Take note, not just papers but hand-made and recycled ones. Last Christmas, we bought our gifts for friends and hubby’s officemates at Papemelroti. I bought two items for me too. I want to go back there and buy scrapbooking materials. Their items are one of a kind and very affordable.

This is not a paid post. I just want to share this because some of us may not even know that there is an environment friendly gift shop. Check their website for free graphics.