Watch Movies With Kids

Watch Movies with Kids

Yesterday morning, I watched “Tweenhearts Academy: Class of 2010” with RJ before we went to the hospital for her check up to brighten up her mood. Though the said movie is youth-oriented and rated GP (General Patronage), there are scenes about online chat and dating that was why I watched with RJ to guide her before she looks for free online dating sites.

Seriously, as parents, it is you who can determine if the movie is appropriate for our children or not. Because each child is different, each has different response and reactions to movies. Also, I saw rated GP movies still with scenes perpetrating wrong doings that our kids emulate. So watching with the kids while explaining can give them reassurance and honest information that will help them to understand things. Watch movies with your kids and have the chance to correct what is wrong right there and then and give your point of view by saying, “It is what’s in the movie but this is what I believe” or “I think that’s wrong”.

Code of ethics varies from family to family and the best way to handle movies that are contradicting your values is to be there between the movie and your kids…watch movies with them.

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