Up For An Anticipated Movie Date

It’s been quite a while since the last time that the entire family went out for a movie date. Ever since the school year started, the rest day weekends were all spent at home doing home works and overtime tasks.

A lot of blockbuster movies were missed out and we were left with no choice but to wait for the official release of the DVD copy. However, now that the school break is here, there is no reason to cancel that much anticipated movie date.

movie poster frames

Seeing movies in the big screen is way much better than seeing it at home with your not-so-big Television and dusty coach. Although the ambiance is homey, the dark movie house environment is epic. We may have missed some of the world’s top movie hits, for sure more are coming and this time around we are more than ready to enjoy it that even posing to awesome movie posters that are placed inside gigantic movie poster frames is part of the plan.

Before going to the movie house, the mom in me already anticipated the growling-stomach needs. Sandwiches have been packed so that when pop corns are not available, hunger won’t spoil the experience. Of course the bottled water is already in place and cellular phones are all set to silent mode. This is one of the movie ethics that your kids need to see in you. No one would want to be distracted with that annoying message alert tone that you have while everyone’s excited of what’s going on.

Going to movie houses with the entire family is not a tiring thing to do; it’s just that it requires time concentration. However, to save time and energy, this activity can be done after having your usual weekly grocery tasks and weekend dinner get together. A typical family bonding that should not be omitted even after your kids are already grown ups. It may not be in the form of a movie date in the long run but at least a weekend bonding should be set as an unwinding activity after a week-long demanding work.

Watch Movies With Kids

Watch Movies with Kids

Yesterday morning, I watched “Tweenhearts Academy: Class of 2010” with RJ before we went to the hospital for her check up to brighten up her mood. Though the said movie is youth-oriented and rated GP (General Patronage), there are scenes about online chat and dating that was why I watched with RJ to guide her before she looks for free online dating sites.

Seriously, as parents, it is you who can determine if the movie is appropriate for our children or not. Because each child is different, each has different response and reactions to movies. Also, I saw rated GP movies still with scenes perpetrating wrong doings that our kids emulate. So watching with the kids while explaining can give them reassurance and honest information that will help them to understand things. Watch movies with your kids and have the chance to correct what is wrong right there and then and give your point of view by saying, “It is what’s in the movie but this is what I believe” or “I think that’s wrong”.

Code of ethics varies from family to family and the best way to handle movies that are contradicting your values is to be there between the movie and your kids…watch movies with them.

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Free Movies Online this Weekend

Prince of Persia
My husband and I are working for four straight days now and it would be until Friday. I am sure we are both exhausted by then. We will watch free movies online again this weekend, just like we always do as it helps us relax. Last week, we watched Salt and Expandables. This time I want to see Robinhood and Prince of Persia.  I love watching epic movies like these because they manage to drag me away to another time. With the internet, we can certainly watch movies of any genre now, anytime, anywhere for free.

A Movie for My Enemy

I am thinking of who my enemies are so I can choose the right movie for them and I am glad that there is no one I could think of. But if ever I have, I want to watch this movie with him.

“Behind Enemy Lines” is one of my husband’s favorite movies. The movie is about a navigator who is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops.Why did I choose this movie? It is because I want to tell my enemies, “Do not go beyond your territory, or else I will shoot you”…ehehe. I am a good person but I am always telling my husband that if anyone touches my family, I will show no mercy. I do not know yet what I am capable to do but all I am sure of is I will ruthlessly pursue him and there will be no room for forgiveness.

I know I am just saying that. I am human and humans always have those soft spots in their hearts.

Movie Time

RJ just had her first periodical test last week. After a week of reviews and exams, I am now free to blog and blog hop again. So here is my late entry for Mommy Moments.
Rhonnel and I love watching movies which I think RJ has adapted. She loves watching movies too and she learned to search for her favorite movies in You Tube. Most of the time we just wait for the movie to be released on DVD or we just download it from Torrentz and watch it at home. But if it is a cartoon or any movie for kids, we watch it in the movie house.Below was taken when we watched Kung Fu Panda. Sorry for the very dark photo. Hubby didn’t want me to use flash. He said it may distract others who are watching but the truth is he is ashamed every time I am taking pictures in public places especially in restaurants. Well, I am a blogger so I need to take pictures of everything that I think might be of use in the future right? And I am glad that I took these. Now, I have pictures to share.

RJ is so excited.
Hubby kept on texting while RJ was so attentive.