12 Best Garden Decoration Ideas

gardenImage courtesy of Phil-Bird at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is said that gardening is the art which uses flowers and plants as the paint, and soil and sky as the canvas. A garden, apparently, is already decorated with the elements of nature; it doesn’t have to limit our imagination. While nature offers us with a gorgeous bounty of greenery and blossoms, how about adding our creative bonus to it as a gift back to the nature. If you’re in, here are some wonderful ideas you can use as inspiration to decorate your garden as well.

1. Tiny Fruit Trees

Dwarf trees are a great idea if you cannot grow a full-fledged fruit tree in your garden or balcony. After all, gorgeous gardens aren’t meant for big bungalows and tall houses, right? Potted and in place, these tiny tots can help you grow a vibrant variety in your open space including lemons, apricots, peaches, plums, oranges, dragon fruits among others.

2. Pocket Metal Planters

Metal pots as well as zinc pockets work well if you want to add plants to a tiny nook or a wall beside your porch, backyard or balcony. Greens and florals bubbling out of these metal pots will allow you to save space while adding the aesthetic feel as well.

3. Troughs & Containers

From metal trays in which you serve wine to your favourite coffee mugs to mason cookie jars; pretty much any container can be used as long as its material is not resistant to water. Another fabulous example is to have fresh flowers springing out of colourful colanders. Beautiful!

4. Succulents Wall

It’s time to bring the walls of your house to life. From flowers to succulent plants, cut-and sew assortments of nature into gorgeous tapestries and display them over one of the walls, or any wall for that matter. Add drama, sprinkle colour, and breathe freshness, and much, much more!

5. Magic Lighting

Turn your garden into a fairy garden space with scintillating setting of light. From basic string lights to contemporary wine bottle tiki torches, there are plenty of options to explore depending on the area of your garden. If you wish to add an element of vintage or rustic look, nothing better than lanterns can be recommended.

6. Hanging Garden

If you can’t maintain a full-fledged garden, a hanging garden offers the perfect solution, both indoors as well as outdoors. Whether you plan to add just one pot or a number of pots, you can suspend them from a point above, in your balcony, kitchen or drawing room. This can be accomplished using anything from ceramic bowls to terracotta earthenware pots.

7. Your Own Mini Garden House

Especially if you have kids in your home, you can create their own itty-bitty garden house which will take but a tiny corner of your living space or backyard. Combined with teeny-weeny accessories like a bird house, colourful rocks & pebbles, mini trees, powdered crayons and soil, you can create a magnificent centrepiece your kids will love, and your guests as well.

8. Pallet Display

Pallet garden is a simple way to introduce greenery in your house while minimizing your time and effort that it takes in building and maintenance. To create a pallet garden, you’d require a wooden pallet, some mini plant pots and plants including flowers of your choice.

9. Backyard Fountain

A water fountain doesn’t just act as the centrepiece of your garden but also as an element of calm and soothing relaxation. Imagine listening to the burbles and the babbles of the water flowing in your backyard, might be your drawing room too in case you plan to install an indoor water fountain.

10. Fullness of Foliage

Foliage to a garden is the ornaments to a person. When dressed properly, your garden can look incredibly gorgeous. Play with colours, contrasts and different kinds of foliage. If you want, you can add pathways of flowers too.

11. Tiny Pond

Just like the water fountain, a tiny pond in the centre of the gardenplace can instill a sense of charm and holistic beauty to your garden. Fill it with colourful pebbles, rocks or stones if you like.

12. Mirror Wall

After all, a mirror wall is not just meant for your powder room. If you have a considerably spaced garden, you can put a mirror or two on one side of the yard while they reflect the plants on the other side!