4 Backyard Makeover Ideas

Giving your backyard a makeover can be a great way of adding new life and style to your home. To combat the feeling of ‘drab’ in your backyard, check out the below ideas for some makeover inspiration.


1. Build A Patio

Nothing says backyard makeover like creating an entertaining area for your family and friends to enjoy. And no entertainment space is complete without a patio to do your entertaining on. Professional patio builders such as AdaptIt are your best bet to find a quality patio or deck as a foundation for your outdoor space. Once this is installed, choose a hard-wearing table that will complement the space rather than overpower it. Also, consider adding a pizza oven or barbeque, as well as a small fridge for convenience for your guests.

2. Have An Upgrade

People spend a large amount of time dedicated to perfecting the inside of their home, including buying new furniture and having the carpets cleaned. Why not think of your backyard in the same way? Start by giving your outdoor surfaces a good scrub and buff and even a new coat of paint. Painting the back wall of your house a different colour to the other sides will give real character to your backyard – and the same goes for the fence. Also, if you’ve had your outdoor living set for years, pick a style and treat yourself to some new stuff. These simple additions will give your yard an instant lift.

3. Create Definition

For a different kind of makeover, try playing up the different sections of your backyard by highlighting or defining their boundaries. Use dark mulch in your garden bed with plenty of space between plants so it creates a stark contrast with the green grass, or use pebbles or crushed rocks to create a pathway to the garden or shed. Or for something really unique, create a private enclosure such as a ‘garden shed’-style office to sit up against your back fence.

4. Think Green

To liven up your backyard space, try introducing a world of colour, greenery and plant life. Firstly, decide on theme or style you would like to resonate for your makeover – for example, a tropical rainforest. Do a bit of research and focus on what kind of greenery will fit this theme, such as ferns or other large, leafy plants. Having a focal point will also add to your makeover – if it’s ‘tropical’, consider adding an outdoor shower with a greenery privacy screen or wooden enclosure.

Doing an entire makeover might seem like a daunting affair; however, it can often be exactly what you and your backyard need for a fresh new look to your home. It doesn’t have to be over the top either; simply incorporating some of the suggestions above will make a huge difference.

What would be the first thing you would makeover in your backyard? Leave your answers below.

Image Courtesy of Photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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