Shrink Your Monthly Bills

Every 15th of the month I am saving half of our monthly bills and another half on the 30th. We need to do that so as to pay our bills on time. Every month we are paying the house amortization, electricity, water, internet, cell phone loads and credit cards plus our daughter’s tuition fee.  Not to mention our quarterly payment for the insurance. It is really hard managing monthly bills but there are things we can do to pay our bills on time. Save a portion of your income every 15th and 30th of the month and set one time bill payment schedule. This is to pay your bills on time and proficiently. 

Do not over spend and subscribe only to the services that you really need. If you can live without internet, then cut off your internet connection or if you only use your cell phones during emergencies, you can go for prepaid plans. But if cell phone became your standard expense and necessity, a cell phone plan of fixed monthly rate may be good. Well, monthly cell phone bills are sometimes disaster plus the prices and plans changed drastically so look for the best cell phone plans to avoid paying more than you need to for the service or visit Sprint to get unlimited text, unlimited web, and unlimited call services.

Conserve water and electricity to shrink down your bills. You can save too by paying your bills promptly. You can earn points from you credit cards and you can avoid late fees and interest charges.

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