Dealing with Your Kids’ Curiosity

Children are always curious and love to explore. They want to know how things are working. So when their curiosity arises, they use all their senses to figure out a thing.

Just yesterday, I saw my daughter with this tin cover on her face. She’s curious how is it like watching movie through the little hole.
In this one, she wanted to know if she can make a sound in this stack of plastics.

Each child expresses his curiosity in different ways. They always have endless questions. Why is the sky blue? Why is it raining? Why do cats purr? As parent, it is your responsibility to feed their curiosity. You should always be ready and patient in answering their questions. Don’t think that any answers would do just to satisfy their curiosity. Be responsible enough on doing some research and answer them only with the facts or else you will be feeding them with wrong information. If your child asks you while you are cooking or doing the laundry and you don’t know the answer to his question, just be honest with him that you don’t know the answer and you’ll look into it after you are done with what you are doing or you can guide them in finding the answers themselves.

There are also times that children’s style of exploration can be dangerous. Most of the time your kids imitate what you are doing because they want to know why you are doing this and that. They want to know why you are pushing some buttons, opening the cupboard doors, why you are inserting CD’s on DVD set, why you are plugging the appliances in the sockets, etc. Instead of saying do not do this or do not do that, which will create confusion to your children, child proof your home to avoid accidents.

Be a good role model. Avoid nasty words when your kids are around and refrain from doing what they are not allowed to do. Remember that the way you behave in front of your kids’ presence matter greatly. If you hit them, they will learn to hit others. If you yell at them, they will learn to yell back. But if you will talk to them in a nice manner and explain things in good ways, they will grow as loving and compassionate persons.

Curiosity is the root of you kids’ intelligence. The more your children explores, the more they learn. So encourage your children’s curiosity and help them explore. Let them learn new things, of course with your proper guidance.

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  1. Well said Mommy Rossel, tama ka dyan. Roan is full of questions, same as Wrozlie, and I would have to answer them and give them the correct one. Sometimes, I don't know the answer and I would say, I don't know. I am afraid that if I give them wrong information, they will use that in a different situation and when asked where did they get that information, they would say " our mom"
    oh di vah?

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