Veritas: An Impressive GMAT Prep Training Center

For some people, they consider math as their waterloo. This is probably because they have a hard time understanding the complexities of numbers, figures, mathematical equations, and the like. Some even reason that they shouldn’t really pay attention to math, because it’s something they wouldn’t be able to use later on in life. However, that is a very common misconception. If there’s one thing that everybody should understand, it is this: English, Math, Science, and any other school subjects wouldn’t be put in a school’s curriculum in the first place if these weren’t important.

So now, we go to the crux of the matter. Did you know that English and Math are two subjects that could be your key towards eligibility for graduate business administration programs all over the world? When we talk about that, we’re referring to MBA, Master of Accountancy, and many more. Business schools all across the globe use GMAT, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It’s similar to entrance or admission tests that students need to take to be eligible for admission to a particular school or university.

Students who wish to enter business schools take the GMAT, and thus, they need to undergo a gmat prep test. This is a comprehensive study preparation tool for students who are about to take GMAT. Remember that GMAT is a computer-adaptive standardized test that focuses mainly in Math and the English language. This is important to measure the propensity of students to flourish academically in their graduate business studies. Through the preparation test, students stand a chance to improve their GMAT scores.

There are many training centers out there offering GMAT preparation tests to students, and one of these is Veritas Prep. They help students increase their GMAT scores, but that’s not all. They also help students understand the basic of applying for a business school, even going as far as teaching students how to fill out forms correctly. Hence, if you want to take a GMAT preparation test, make sure you take your prep test in a tried and tested center like Veritas especially if you want to impress the people in the business school you’re entering.

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  1. I wish I had known this and have taken this before I enrolled in Ateneo Graduate School of Business. I suck at Managerial Accounting and Statistics there, it was a nghtmare. Good thing they have this now.:)

  2. There are certainly many things changed in our educational system, even the exams students must take….If I am still a student now, I might have been long tired of exams…lol. 😀

  3. I am but just one of those who considers Math as a Waterloo, maybe because after losing my Dad at 7yo, I lost interest with numbers. He’s my Math tutor back then. Now, I have some regrets I never excelled in Math, I hindi myself in the average level in terms of tutoring my daughter which results to either an average grade or almost failed mark. Huhu!

  4. I’ve always believed most people who are good in Math aren’t that good in English and vice versa. I’m one kasi.. haha.. Quite good in English but I don’t have the patience in Math. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I’d be sharing this to friends who are interested to pursue an MBA 🙂

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