Tips For a Successful Home Makeover

Some people finally find their dream home by moving when the time is right. For others, however, the key is  home makeover…a new vision for the home they already own and working with an expert contractor to make that dream a reality. Home makeover is a positive side of renovating a home you love and making it into the one you’ve dreamed of.

Many homeowners have benefited from the low interest rates current today and used a refinancing loan to do a remodel. The money from their own home can be used for the remodel at a low rate, and it can be a very wise use of financial resources if the remodel is done well. A remodeled house that looks like new can increase the home’s value, making it all a win-win project for a homeowner.

Getting Information

Yes, the prospect of taking on a home construction project can be daunting for anyone not involved in the building industry. That’s why it’s so important that a home owner considering a remodel get in touch with a skilled general contractor and have a consultation to find out what’s involved in the project and what is the best approach to launching it successfully

Making a Plan

Having a design scheme that is well planned and thought through is crucial to a successful remodel. By making changes to the plan with your contractor while everything is still in the idea phase, you have a much better chance of finding a design that really works. This will also help you to avoid costly changes once construction has begun.

Once the plan is set, the general contractor will oversee construction, and bring in sub-contractors as needed, for specialized areas like plumbing or wood working.

No, taking on a home remodel isn’t a small thing, but done well, a successful home makeover can help you achieve the home of your dreams, and increase the value of your home. How do you find an experienced general contractor in your area? Use the resources online at Find out how to find a great contractor by checking out the pros at

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Three Simple Ways To Get Your Home In Great Condition

In this contemporary era, many homeowners are interested in ensuring that their house is a haven that they can look forward to coming home to. If this is the case for you, you’re probably ready to access strategies that will help you get your personal property in great condition. Here are three strategies to help facilitate the process:

great condition home

1. Utilize Professional Renovation Services

Attaining professional renovation services is one of the best ways to get your property in absolutely amazing condition. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that renovation contractors typically have extensive education and experience in the field. You can receive a free remodeling quote and pricing for several other home optimization services from Renovation Experts. Their website is at When you start your search for the ideal renovation contractors, make sure that the firm possesses all of the following strategies:

-a great Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
-top notch online reviews
-fair prices
-a proven track record

2. Optimize Your Lighting

The quality of your lighting will play an integral role in determining how inviting and aesthetically appealing your personal property is. As such, it’s a good idea for you to start optimizing your lighting right now. There are several ways to do so, and one is to replace some of your artificial lighting with natural lighting from the sun’s rays. You should also consider the value of replacing traditional bulbs with LED models. The LED bulbs are more cost-effective and will help you contribute to sustaining the natural environment.

3. Get Rid Of The Old Stuff

In many cases, an individual’s residential property fails to look great and function optimally because there are too many old appliances and furniture in it. If you’re a pack rat and have yet to get rid of age-old items, now is the time to do so. One of the best ways to make it happen is by hosting a yard sale. Once you get rid of the old stuff, you can purchase new items that really reflect your current stylistic preferences and tastes.


If you want to get your home in absolutely amazing condition, now’s the time to get the process moving forward. Three ways that you can make it happen include utilizing professional renovation services, optimizing your lighting, and getting rid of old appliances and furniture. Get started now so you can come home to absolutely incredible living space!

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Develop a Vintage Inspired Interior

If your house is on the older side and you’d like to preserve its originality while still restoring it, the best thing to do is to create a vintage inspired interior. Through a series of steps you can transform a charming home and make it glow from the inside out. Then you’ll be happy to invite friends and family members over to show off a beautiful home full of plenty of charm.

vintage interior

Surface Renovations – Allow the windows and leather sofas from SofaSofa in all of your interiors to become a focal point and don’t be afraid to tear out the original carpet and wallpaper. Replace the carpet with either wood flooring or something similar and implement wallpaper that will work well with a vintage inspired theme. Think of rustic woods, ruby linens, and woven grasses for charming textures that will continue the vintage inspired appeal.

Dining Room Regal Elegance – Replace a standard chair rail and an old brass chandelier for something regal and elegant, such as a modern chandelier and graceful candle sticks. If you really want your dining room to shine, keep the décor understated and allow the chandelier to become a focal point in a dining room with beautiful table settings and other simplistic décor pieces.

Beautiful Bookcases – A vintage interior isn’t complete without bold and beautiful bookcases to provide the perfect amount of charisma. Find a deep bookcase that will hold a lot of books and organize them by color, so that it will look unique and stand out. For a vintage touch try wrapping a few darker books in white linen or stack your vintage books on top of one another, creating a classic rainbow that will truly stand out.

Fireplace Grandeur – A fireplace is meant to be grand, so if you are stuck with a fireplace from 1912 that has old brass fireplace doors, consider completely taking the fireplace out and replacing it with a modern yet vintage design. If you care to keep the fireplace in its original state, add a mantel place over top of it, which will detract from the older looking design and instead elongate the drab piece. Adding a mantel will also develop a focal point with symmetrical décor pieces that will no doubt sparkle on top of the mantel.

Enjoy preserving a piece of history in your home by looking to vintage designs that will add something unique to your space. Keep just enough of the original décor pieces and structure to remind you of the historic value, but look forward to adding the right amount of vintage elegance to your home as well.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One and she happens to love vintage décor. She owns several vintage pieces and love implementing them into a space.