Singapore – The Fine City

A friend who just came from Singapore gave Rhonnel a keychain as pasalubong. On the back of the keychain’s carton are the fines on Singapore. So this explains why Singapore is hailed as the “Fine City”.  There’s a list of do’s and don’ts and their corresponding fines.

There are things that are considered normal in our country but in Singapore they are illegal. So if you have plans in going to Singapore, I suggest you review their laws first for you could be fined immensely for any minor wrong doing, such as chewing gums, spitting and eating or drinking in trains and buses. Wonder what these laws are and how much are the fine?

No flammable liquid gas – $5000
No littering – $1000
No eating or drinking – $ 500
No pets/ No animals – $500
No urinating in lifts – $500
No chewing gum – $1000
No smoking – $1000
No spitting – $1000

Singapore may be has weird and outrageous laws but these laws are what make Singapore one of the cleanest, finest and safest countries in the world. Should I wish that we have the same laws here?

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  1. and that's the reason why Singapore is on its way, i mean already a progressive country in asia.. who would want to waste money for all these.. so better behave, otherwise..

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