A Place to Retreat To: 5 Furnishing Ideas for Your Bedroom

When coming up with ideas to spruce up your bedroom, it can feel like a lesson in futility. Creating unique decor ideas for your bedroom, especially if you want it to stand out from the rest, can be a difficult thing to achieve. Instead, here are some unique ideas to help you get started and on your way to having a beautiful bedroom you’ll love.

bedroomPhoto by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Go For White

If you want your bedroom to be a practical space that looks much bigger than it really is, then stick to white as the basis of your palette. Sheets, walls, pillows, whatever you can think of. But don’t make the entire bedroom white; that will make it look too sterile and not fun. Add a few textures and softer colors to add some personality. Add a lot of lights too for some good ambient lighting at night. And there’s no better place to start than getting a white mattress. Check out this collection to get started.

Put Your Bed in the Corner

You can maximize the space in your bedroom by placing your bed in the corner against two walls. This not only makes getting into bed that much cozier but it gives you more floor space to work with so that you can add more accessories to the room. Add a lamp in the corner behind the bed so that you can still read at night and having the lighting you need without the lamp taking up more space.


Trim down your bedroom essentials down to the basics. By keeping very few things in your bedroom, it will look a lot less cluttered. Go for bold colors and patterns in simple geometric shapes to add some depth to the room. Add as much storage as you can so that you can keep everything in its place so that it’s not in a pile on your floor. There are some great minimalism bedroom tips to get you started if you’re stuck.

Slim Headboard and Bedframes

Maximizing as much space as you can get in your bedroom is key; you can do this by also investing in a small frame and headboard for your bed. Wood or metal, the thinner the better, as long as it can support the weight of your mattress. That will give you more space around your bed to include accessories and decorations to really spruce up the area.

Working Magic With Mirrors

The strategic placement of mirrors around the room can make space feel larger than it really is. Angling a mirror across from some windows will also reflect some light around the room for better ambient lighting. What’s great about the mirror idea is that you can get several sizes and shapes of mirrors to play with until you have the right look you want. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it, as long as the placement actually works to open up space.

While the rest of your home is getting a makeover, don’t leave your bedroom out. It may be a space that none of your guests see, but you want it to be comfortable when you retire to it for the night. You also want it to be a reflection of your personality and provide you with the peace of mind you truly deserve.

Four Things You Can Do to Reduce Window Glare in Every Commercial or Residential Property

Everyone loves the natural light in their homes, but being blinded by the sun in the middle of morning coffee is not enjoyable. So, what are some quick fixes to reduce window glare and UV damage? Windows can have a UV blocking film installed, have window shades or blinds added, or have draperies or other window treatments installed.

window glarePhoto by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Window Film

Installing window film on windows facing in the south and west will help block ultraviolet rays and control the excessive heat generated in the spring and summer months. Films allow quite a bit of natural sunlight in. Most think of window film as a piece of see-through, tinted vinyl coating, but there is the option of Decorative Window Films that come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, some even looking like etched glass. They are washable and can be removed to allow new ones to be installed at any time.

Window Treatments

Exterior window treatments that help cut glare include both awnings and shutters. Installing an awning on the exterior of a window will permanently block direct sunlight and eliminate glare, while shutters can be installed on either the outside or inside of your home. Inside shutters can be opened or closed to let the sunlight in.

Draperies and shades are probably the most versatile options because they come in many styles and fabrics, allowing a person to add a touch of style to a room while still cutting down on the glare. There are many types of window coverings. They open and are stored out of the way leaving the window accessible.

Decor Color

How you paint and decorate your walls can affect the amount of window glare. Since glare comes from a reflection of the sun, having a dark room will only intensify the brightness that is outside. Instead, paint walls with a non-glossy, lighter color, like tan, grey, or beige. Make the window seem less bright and tone down the glare by matching the color scheme to the brightness of the light outside. Also, be sure to choose all wall hangings in the room with soft, non-reflective surfaces that will help cut down on the glare.


Well-thought-out landscaping is an option to limit window glare. When planting any type of tree for the purpose of cutting the sun’s glare, be sure to plant in the east and west. Planting a 6-8 foot deciduous tree (leaves shed in the fall) will provide some shading for windows in the first year. Shrubs will help shade windows when they are tall enough. A lattice with climbing vines and planter boxes will begin to grow relatively quickly as well. The homeowner may also wish to plant evergreens as a border. But, these will take longer to block sun glare at the home’s windows, so plan on using several landscaping options to shade the home.

Whether a homeowner chooses to use window film, window treatments, decor color, landscaping, or a combination of all four, cutting down on the glare of the sun enables one to reduce glare at windows while enjoying the views and light. Window film is a good solution for people who want to leave windows unencumbered for unbroken views of attractive landscapes. The other choices of window treatments have advantages in addition to cutting window glare.

Want to Keep Ahead of Insurance Fraud? Here Are 5 Steps You Need to Take

Many people take out an insurance policy to make their family is taken care of in the event of the insurance holder’s death. The money can also be used financially to support families during crises like natural disasters or injury that results in an inability. It’s important to conduct a security assessment on insurance policies, especially if an unauthorized person is looking to utilize insurance policy funds. You can avoid insurance fraud and put money aside for emergencies, lifestyle changes and health issues by keeping these suggestions in mind.

insurance fraudPhoto courtesy of Everydayplus @ freedigitalphotos.net

Check the Company’s Rules for Fraud

One of the best things you can do is ask your insurance company what steps they have taken in the past to prevent or stop fraud. Talk to company representatives about the action plan for insurance fraud and make sure you understand all the security measures that are in place to keep scammers from accessing your policy.

Report Correct Information

You can also prevent fraud by not committing it. While you likely don’t intend to provide false information to your insurance provider, there are times when you may answer questions in a way that will save you money, even if the information is not completely correct. For instance, if you live in New Jersey, you may insure your car in Pennsylvania so you won’t have to pay a higher price for the insurance. If you get in an accident, it may take longer for you to get the compensation you deserve if all the information on your policy isn’t correct. It’s also best to disclose all the drivers on your insurance policy and to let your insurance company know if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes.

Check Your Policy Often

When you keep up with your policy and make changes as needed, you can avoid fraud. Scammers may not be aware of pertinent details that can give them access to your money, so this helps to protect your policy. If you need to add a child or grandchild to your life insurance policy as a beneficiary or need to update your will, it’s important to do this as soon as you can so the right people will benefit from your policy.

Keep Your Policy Confidential

Don’t share the details of your insurance policy with everyone. You should only inform family members you trust about the details of your policy. For instance, your spouse should know your final wishes and how to allocate policy funds. If you are aware of your parents’ or grandparents’ insurance policy, don’t share these details with other family members unless you are advised to do so. Even then, use discretion so the information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Take Advantage of Technology

The economy and the insurance market are constantly changing, so you should be on top of these changes to prevent fraud. Be sure all your online documents are secure or encoded so that unauthorized persons won’t have access to them. You should have paper and electronic copies of all your claim documents and ensure each page has a valid signature.

John Cutter Investigations can help you with the legal issues associated with insurance policies so you can avoid being a victim of insurance fraud. The John Cutter team will investigate all claims and details concerning your insurance policy to determine whether the policy is valid and to verify the benefits you should receive.

Moving to a New Area? Here Are 8 Ways to Get Rid of All the Junk You’ll No Longer Need

More stuff packed onto the moving truck leads to a higher cost to move everything. Once it’s at the new house, any added clutter will need to be dealt with anyhow. Instead of wasting money and packing things that aren’t really needed, it might be a good idea to look into different ways to get rid of junk before the move.

get rid of junkPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Rent a Dumpster to Declutter

For a large declutter job, it might be a good idea to rent a dumpster. This makes it easy to go through everything in the home and toss what’s no longer needed. Those who are getting ready to move and want to declutter first can visit dumpsquadusa.com to learn more.

Pack Up Items to Donate

Many different charities will accept donations, so this is a great option for things that aren’t needed anymore but are in great shape. Pick a charity that can ensure those who may need the item will be able to get it easily.

Sell Items Online

If the items are still in good shape, it might be possible to sell them online. There are many different options for this, depending on the type of item, and it can help bring in some extra money before the move. Always be safe when selling online to avoid scams or theft.

Hold a Garage Sale

Garage sales can be an excellent way to get rid of stuff that isn’t needed anymore and make a little extra money. Plan the garage sale for a day with nice weather so there will be more people out looking for a bargain.

Hold a Swap

A community swap allows neighbors to all bring their unwanted items and leave with items they want, without spending any money. Consider holding one to help your neighbors declutter as well.

Look for Free Groups Online

Look for a local group that allows those in the area to post things they are giving away for free. Those who may be able to use the items can then come to pick it up. Don’t want to wait for people to get there? Put the items at the end of the driveway and post a curb alert.

Repurpose Old Items

Some items may not be needed as-is anymore, but they can still be useful if they’re reused. Old clothes, for instance, can be cut up and used as cleaning rags. This is perfect before a move because they can be used to clean the home and get it ready for the next occupant.

Start Composting

Need to get rid of a lot of paper and other biodegradable items? A composter is an excellent choice. Purchase a composting bin so it can be moved to the new home easily and let the items start breaking down. At the new house, the resulting soil can be used in the garden.

When it’s time to clear out a house, there are many different ways to get rid of the junk and make sure as little as possible is moved. Try out a few of the ideas here to get rid of anything you don’t need long before the move. You can save on moving expenses and may be able to make a little bit of money at the same time.

Three Things All Teens Should Know When Learning to Drive

learning to drivePhoto by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash

Learning to drive is about more than learning how to accelerate and brake, use your turn signals and squeeze into a tight parking space. It also involves learning how to deal with the many different circumstance that you can encounter when on the road. If you are a teen learning to drive, you should especially know how to handle the following three situations:

1. When a Police Officer Stops You

If a police officer flashes blue lights, you should pull over to a safe spot as quickly as possible. Stay in your car and wait for the officer to approach your window. Do not get out of your car or make any sudden movements that will alarm the officer. You should be ready to provide the officer with your driver’s license and vehicle registration upon request. Also, you should be calm and polite throughout the course of the stop and answer the officer’s questions as clearly as possible. Never argue with the officer. If you believe the officer made a mistake and/or issued you a ticket that you did not deserve, you should save those arguments for traffic court.

2. When Your Driver Is About to Drive Under the Influence

Consuming any amount of alcohol can affect a person’s mental and physical faculties and increase their risk of getting into an accident. For this reason, you should never get into a car with anyone who has drank alcohol (or used a controlled substance such as marijuana). Call a taxi, Uber or Lyft instead. You should also reach an agreement with your parents that allows you to call them for a ride in this situation. You should also do your best to convince the impaired driver to find a different way home.

3. When You Get into an Auto Accident

If you are involved in any type of car accident – even a minor fender bender – you should pull over to a safe area. If possible, you should check on the condition of everyone in your car and the other car. Next, call the police. You will want an officer there to secure the scene and investigate the crash. Make sure to get the other driver’s name, insurance information and contact information. Do not admit fault or blame the other driver for what happened. You should also try to get photos of the accident and the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Finally, tell your parents what happened and see a doctor as soon as possible. You should be thoroughly checked for any injuries you may have suffered in the crash.