Packing Books for Moving House and Storage

Books are one of the most amazing personal belongings we may have around a home, especially since they hold so many wonderful memories you don’t want to let go of, worlds within worlds and so much more.
packing booksThere are some things you need to consider when you move to a new location however, since books tend to be on the sensitive side if you don’t treat them right. Even if you have a small bookcase, you will need to be careful in how you treat them and move them to your new home. The following tips will give you more information on that subject so you can make the transfer easier and safer:

• Start your preparations by clearing up a small working area around your home, a place where you can easily pack and get to work. This will also allow you get things going fast enough before a removals company or man and van company arrive at your place.

• Finding a set of smaller boxes made of hardy materials will be a great way to start your packing for moving day. They will not take up too much space and will make them strong enough to prevent your books from getting damaged on the road. If you can find numerous boxes from all manner of locations, then you will have a much easier time dealing with the situation. You could also look for ways you can find more packing supplies, potentially through coworkers or even retail stores that have items that need to be thrown away. Such stores go through a lot of boxes every day that they recycle, so they may be a good source if you get them to work with you. You can also look for more boxes online with classifieds websites. You will likely have a chance to find a few useful boxes that way if your area happens to be closer to the big cities.

• You will need to place your books right next to your work area so you can organize them properly. This should allow you to get things going without too much efforts involved in the process, allowing removals to be less of a chore and less stressful in general.

• You should work on placing your hardcover books away first, separating them from your soft cover books since they happen to be a lot sturdier and may require less work to store effectively. Packing them separately is important since they happen to be heavier than their soft cover cousins.

• You should place your books upright, as this would allow you to place more of them in a box, using most if not all of the available space inside. Any gaps in the boxes can be easily padded with bubble wrap or paper so things will be stable and tight.

• You would do well to label your belongings as well long before the moving truck arrives, as this will let you unpack things with greater efficiency when you arrive at your new destination. Keeping your new library organized will be a challenge if you don’t know where your books really are.

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