Your Child and Music

RJ loves to sing so much. Every time she hears music being played, she would sing on the top of her lungs. Most of what she sings are that of Lady Gaga’s and Rihanna’s. I have nothing against these two performers. There’s no doubt they are are both great…they can write songs and dance  but their songs sometimes annoy me and hurt my ear. So when RJ asked me if she can download video from youtube, I answered “no”.  Then I realized I may be a little harsh with RJ. May be their songs are not irking…may be it’s my age that cannot cope with the new generation’s music. Lol!

Children love tunes with energetic beat. It is like stimulant that alters their moods instantly. They would dance and jump and sing. For them it is enjoyable and fun just like playing. According to research, music can develop child’s cognitive abilities, reasoning and motor skills. It can also be combined with drama and dance to develop the child’s artistic abilities and creativity.

So from now on, I will let RJ to sing and create music with her musical instruments. And if she will ask me if she can download video from youtube, I will gladly say “yes”.

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