Would I Allow My Teen to Online Dating

Would I allow my teen to online dating? I see many free dating sites online but I didn’t pay much attention to it as I am not interested until a friend who has a teenage daughter asked me this question. My child is just a 4th grader, too young for a date. But if she reaches the right age, would I allow her to online dating? Before I answer this question, let me just first enumerate the pros and cons of this new form of social match-making.


•Getting to know a potential mate from the privacy of your home may be comforting.
•Online dating is more of intellectual interactions (knowing each others interest, etc.) rather than physical connections.
•There are many free best dating sites to choose from so online daters have greater choice on who they meet because they could browse to several profiles.
•Online daters have a greater opportunity to know each other before the physical interaction.


•Online dating is not always safe. Many sexual offenders are taking advantage of online anonymity and use dating sites to prey on their victims.
•Some would claim they are single when in fact they are already married.
•There are people or groups that use online dating sites to collect email addresses and personal information.

Online dating has its pros and cons and so are other social networking sites. Even the traditional dating has its negative and positive sides. That’s how life goes. Now, would I allow my teen to online dating?

Allowing your child to date is probably one of the biggest decisions parents have to make in life. But dating is a natural part of being human so yes, I would allow my daughter once she’s at the right age. Either online or traditional dating, I would let my responsible teen to make that decision for herself. But as a parent, I would still give her all the advices I could give including the emotional consequences of dating.

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