Words Parents Should Never Say to Their Children

Kids today are smarter yet they are so stubborn. They just don’t listen and sometimes they argue with their parents. During heated arguments, parents find it hard to be objective and they utter hurtful words without even thinking about it then feel terrible afterwards. Saying something hurtful to their kids is parents’ instinctive reaction with anger and not an intention to hurt them emotionally. However, this is not how the kids see it. So what are the words parents should never say to their kids?

I wish I’d never had kids.

I hate you.

You never do anything right.

You’re such a bad child.

Why can’t you act more mature?

I’ll do it myself. You’re no good.

You’ll end up just like your worthless father.

Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister?

You’re such a disappointment.

That’s not good enough.

…and hundreds of negative and hurtful words.

Negative words can be very damaging to children. It will leave lasting and devastating effect both emotionally and psychologically. It can take away children’s precious self-esteem or worst they will become bullies and indulge in harmful activities.

It is hard to discipline and raise children. They display stubborn behaviour at some time or another. Sometimes their behaviour pushes you to the limit and once you’re mad, it is hard to think carefully about the best course of action. However, when you react out of anger, your response may be more a way of releasing your anger and utter words you can’t take back so it is important to cool down and remain calm when disciplining your children.

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