Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

“Will you still love me tomorrow?” I always ask Rhonnel this question, mostly before going to sleep while relaxing in our bed. His answer is “I won’t change. I will love you forever.”

Many changed in me physically since I met him. My waist line was only 25 then but now its 30. My skin color and texture, I don’t know what happened but I am a lot fairer when I was single and those stubborn wrinkles are beginning to appear now. My collagen are decreasing and my cells are beginning to deteriorate, lol! In short I am aging.

So what?! The hell with the fats and the wrinkles. I am still beautiful in his eyes and as we age, our love for each other grows deeper. That is what important to us, loving each other more everyday. Love knows no boundaries and we will love each other even with gray hairs and canes.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
-William Shakespeare-

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  1. Hahaha what the hell pala nyahahaha .. Kumusta ka na tokaya?

    Basta ba di maliligaw ang mga puso ng ating asawa, forever maligaya hehehe..

    Will You visit me?

  2. Aba, oks yan ah, kahit pareho kayong nakatungkod pasyal pa rin magkahawak kamay. totoo ka dyan Rossel, kapag nagmamahalan talaga, di pansin ang pag iba ng anyo, hahaha.. (kala mo nag tatransform kapag midnight) taba at lines lang yan, but the most important is, yung inside di ba? sabi nga ni Rodney, basta di ako magbago inside, kahit magbago ang aking outside eh loves pa rin niya ako forever. Aba sila din naman tatanda at magiging kulubot, but we will still love them di ba?

  3. How envious ha!!30 ang waistline mo?Mine is 32!!hubby doesn't mind my fats,pinipisil nya lang lol!
    btw, I love the shot of you and your hubby!!^_^

  4. yeeha!!!.. ang schweet ng ate ross at kuya rhonnel.. ako naman baliktad.. mas feel kong mas maganda ako ngayon kesa nung dalaga ako.. hehe..

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