Why Some Things Just Aren’t Meant for Storage

By Rob Barlow

Storage units are useful for almost everything you don’t need every day. Any item you need to remain unused and undamaged until you need them again you can just call Fort Knox Australia and put everything away until it becomes important. However there are a few things in life that you just cannot put away. So here are a few good reasons that you may want to reconsider the idea of storage.



Some things require certain conditions in order to function well. When certain items are put in storage for a while they may break simply because they have to be in certain standards of care. Items with temperature thresholds, items that require a level of maintenance in order to continue in a good state and items that need sunlight, open air or any other external environmental condition. Things like this have to be considered before you put things into storage or when you get them out you may find them worse for wear.


Some things are just perishable and no amount of preservation or favourable conditions will manage to change that. Things simply expire over time. If this is the kind of product that will just go out of date given time enough there is no reason to put it away and you may as well get as much use out of things as possible. It’s no good trying to hold onto something that’s going to break whatever you do.


It may seem like a good idea to put the vanity table your grandmother left you into storage. After all as nice as it is it’s a bad idea to keep something that can get chipped scratched and broken out in the open. It takes up space, its heavy and it’s hard to do anything with. However there will come a time when despite all the practicalities it’s just a matter of the human condition that you need to see them again. For items like this you do not need storage, no matter how practical it might be.


Some things are hard to move places, despite the fact that the things you’re proposing to put into storage are likely to be taking up space or being annoying to have around it might be more difficult to put it into storage and then out of it again. Whether it’s just too heavy and awkward for you to be bothered moving or it’s something you’re going to need to move four or five times at great pain and difficulty for yourself. Hard to lift, hard to move, or too costly to have lugged places. Sometimes it is really just not worth moving things.

For one reason or another some things just aren’t worth lugging from place to place. It’s a nice thought to be able to put whatever you want wherever you want but for about five to ten percent of things you will have to use them, value them or simply just enjoy them while you can.

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