Why Help Your Child with Homework

Before I continue with my work every night, I make sure that RJ’s assignments are all done. She’s already in the fourth grade but still I guide her with the homework and projects. I make sure that she has all the things she needs to complete her assignments. This is to help her develop positive attitude towards education and life-long love of learning. It is also my way to know what is being taught in school and if the school follows the curriculum. I must admit, it also helps me to update and review myself about metamorphosis, reverse osmosis, properties of multiplication, etc. and I must say there are times I don’t recognize their lessons so I have to do some research.

Lessons now are much different and more difficult because of the advances in technology and everything that is why your guidance is very much needed by your child. Remember that child’s success does not only depend in school but to you as well. As parents, you are the most important teacher your child will have. It not only means supporting their education financially but also spending time with them while they are reading, reviewing or making their homework. Also, don’t forget to commend your child for every good work and accomplishment to inspire him/her more.

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