Who is the Boss in Our House

Who is the boss in our house? I am…I am the boss in our house…oopps, this is when it comes only to the things inside our house, the paint color, what furniture to buy, where to put this and that, etc. I am the artistic one so Rhonnel let me decide when it comes to matters like that. But when it is about the appliances and techy stuffs like sound system and computer, the decision is all his because I do not know much about these things but still he is consulting me before he buys one most especially if it is a little pricey. We talk about financial, family matters and things concerning RJ, and always come up with mutual decisions. In short, our house has two bosses.

Some of our neighbors are teasing Rhonnel “tigas” (tiga-laba, tiga-saing, etc.) when he is helping me with the laundry. What they do not know is it is our joint decision to share the household chores. He helps me with the laundry, he cleans the electric fans, aircon and bathroom and I clean the house, cook, wash the plates (though sometimes he is insisting on washing them), and iron the clothes. Yes, I see Rhonnel as “tigas” but in the real sense of the word, hard and might, my knight in shining armor. Some men do not understand that helping their wives with the chores will not make them a lesser man but instead they are showing their strength. For me, a man who is helping his wife is very brave to show how much he cares. He understands that sharing the work makes it easier for all, resulting to more bonding time that leads to a happier marriage and family.

Sharing responsibilities has a good impact on our children as it teaches them cooperation and good family values. It also help couples to learn from each other and improves their skills. Each couple has his and her capabilities, strengths and weaknesses so both should be the boss. Couple should work as a team and they should be equal whether they are in the bedroom or not.

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  1. You are exactly right, in marriage no need to be who is the superior and are not because we created the same although uniquely, there should be a fair of distributing responsibilities and task and share it too with your partner, mine will be posted later yet.

  2. i agree, really. there shouldn't be a boss. sounds like your husband is very domesticated huh? that's good.. mine as well..

  3. That's the problem there satin tokaya, pag nakita ng iba na tumutulong sa gawaing bahay ang husband, ginagawang tampulan ng tukoso, which shouldn't be the case. In our household ala nyan, hubby does household chores too without any reservation.
    The Boss

  4. I admire you hubby for helping your with the household chores….minsan nahihiya ung ibang mga lalaki na masabihan na "tigas" kaya mas pinapaubaya nila lahat ng gawain sa asawa…

    Happy CC!

  5. Sipag naman ng hubby mo! Bihira sa lalaki ang tutulong sa paglalaba o ibang gawaing bahay. You're lucky to have a husband like him!

  6. Very well said, Sel…Matt also helps in the household chores when he is off. Walang tigas dito sa US, plus therapeutic daw paghuhugas ng plato :-)….kaya yun palagi naghuhugas ng plato at nagluluto din pag feel niya. I love the last paragraph of your post.

  7. I like this post. It is a very positive one since it challenges the traditional roles of husband and wife in their home. I agree with you that both husband and wife must share responsibility in the house including household chores. I have been doing that since the start of my relationship with my wife. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. wow, super, dami ko natutunan. you are one lucky woman for finding your husband. i would love to share the household chores with my hubby too 🙂

  9. I am the BOSS!…ehehehe….:) let's just say we compromise in every decision..:)

    but when it comes to balancing our finances…hubby does all that stuff…dko carry eh, kasi d ako mahilig sa budget…magastos kasi ako…lol!

  10. i think you are referring to CHAUVINISTS out there, lol! my husband helps in the house as well, in fact, he's even more organized than i am, lol! but he understands that and he is always trying to help me out. nice post!

  11. Tama! Totoong mas naipapakita ng mga lalaki ang kanilang masculinity kapag they spearhead the works, and all the matters inside the home.Pwede silang maglabe, magluto at maglinis ng bahay. At nakita ko na well-defined ninyong mag-asawa ang role ng bawat isa. Tama ka din sis na bonding moments 'yong kayong dalawa ang gumagawa ng mga gawaing bahay.
    Pls. visit my CC-Who's the boss posted #17! Thanks

  12. Korek ka Mom Rossel!

    on Rhonnel being "tigas" – I find it offensive when people call husbands tigas – they're just being good husbands to their wives…Salute to them!

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