When We Want Something

What do I do when I want something? It is just simple. When I want something material, I ask for it. I tell Rhonnel straight what I want whether a new bag or a blouse, etc. He does not know what I want so I have to tell him. No sweet gestures before that. No need to do that because he allows me to buy whatever I want as long as we can afford it and still within the budget.When I want him to fix something in the house, I ask him nicely but I am guilty of not giving him reasonable time frame to get it done. When I ask him to fix this or that, he usually answers me, “Okay, I will do it this weekend”. It is because weekends are his only free time. But the OC me who cannot wait for the weekend anymore and wants it done the same day will end up doing the task myself. Rhonnel hates that especially if the task involves lifting of heavy furniture. He would say, “Why can’t you wait?” Yes, that’s also one of my negative traits aside from my OCness, I cannot wait. If I want something and I have the money, then I will buy it now. If I want something to be done and I can do it, then I will do it now.How about hubby? If Rhonnel wants something and he knows we can afford it, he will simply ask me “Can I buy this?” but if he wants something expensive, his dialogue would be “I saw it on TV. It is beautiful. It has this, it has that…bla…bla…bla” with sweetness on his voice. Yes, he is trying to convince me…ehehe.

After getting what we want, we do not forget to thank and give each other a kiss. And if I am that satisfied and in a romantic mood, there will be a reward that is a lot more than a simple kiss…wink!

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  1. Hehehe! yung wink na yan ang fave ni Rodney..

    Impatient ka pala ha. well at lest kaya mong gawin ang mga bagay na ipinagagawa mo ke Rhonnel, ako kapag mag re redecorate eh ako na lang mag isa, uuwi si Rodney, iba na ayos ng house, hehehe. Kapag may ipapabuild ako s akanya aabutin ng buwan eh di ko makikita, kaya minsan panay ang bantay ko eh hehehe.

    Like you, if there is something that I want and it's a little pricey, I would ask Rodney, and if kaya ng budget, bibilihin ko, pero kapag mga ukay ukay lang, di ko na sinasabi, nagka cut down nalang ako sa grocery allowance para me money sa aking luho, oh di ba?

  2. hi there! thanks for commenting on my CC.:) wow, nagiging marketing and sales pala ang husband mo kapag may gusto cya…hehe. Women now knows how to deal with men— they tell them what they want straightforward! Haha! 🙂

  3. haahhaha may wink rin! sweetness!! buti hindi si fafa nagrereklamo when u want another bag or shoes.. kasi saken nagtatanong kng hanggang ilan ba dapat bag or shoes LOL hihihih

    when yobib wants something he says it straight and never pa ata ako humindi.. pag ako yay i need to make lambing coz he is a typical kuri 😀 hihihih

    thanks for dropping by my blog girl!

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