When Mom is Sick

When Mom is sick what happens to the household? When Mom is sick, everything is in chaos. Cold cuts for meals, a mound  of laundry, messy rooms, etc. I am not underestimating Dads when it comes to household chores but let us face it they cannot maintain the household like Moms do.

A flu hit me sometime last week and I had no choice but to take a rest. Though hubby is very good in taking care of me while I am sick, he is not very good in maintaining the house. He can’t cook decent meals so we ended up eating cold cuts. And since he can’t file leave because he still needed to tackle so many things in the office before the year ends, our dirty clothes piled up. He just brought them to the nearby commecial laundry which of course I was not contented with the results. Haiist! These made me got back to regular Mommy life sooner than I should.

As soon as I got back on my feet, I cleaned our 40 square meter house and it took me two days. What if not only flu hit me but something more serious? What would happen to our little house? I think hubby should learn to cook and it is about time to let RJ do some easy chores like washing the dishes.

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  1. haist! you are right about that! That also happened to me when I had to go there last month, remember? when I came back and carried my kids, I felt they lost a few pounds. Hubby also didn’t know how to cook decent meals and worse, he has this habit that he only eats that’s why I feel that the kids did not eat meals on time. 🙁
    hope you get better soon.

  2. That’s a bit hard truth when the seniors are sick everything is not working well. So it’s better to the young ones to be cooperative as much possible for taking care of their moms and also doing some simple household chores.

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