When Kids Start To Like Someone

Ever thought about your kid, that was once a little boy, starts to share about how pretty his girl seatmate? You might not that prepared to talk about it but it will surely happen in no time.

Liking the opposite sex is just a normal feeling and everyone will experience it. However, it’s the responsibility of the parents to guide their children when this time comes. They might feel it too early or during the time they are too young to handle the responsibilities that come along with it.

At puberty stage, kids would usually share things to their peers instead of sharing it to mom and dad. How would you be able to know their whereabouts if they won’t share anything with you? The best thing to do is to make your children feel that you are not just their parent but their friend as well. Someone they can share stories with and someone they can rely on.

If liking someone from the opposite sex is being shared by your 7th grade son, then he’s really too young to pursue it. You can explain to him in a nice way that the feeling is normal but he shouldn’t be taking it seriously just yet.

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  1. my youngest son is now 10 years old and still preoccupied with toys and gadgets. but every time he mentions a girl’s name i go rigid.. 😀

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