When in Rome… With Kids Under 10

A city break might not be your first consideration for a family holiday, but with cheap flights and a short journey time, Rome is the ideal destination for a long weekend or a full-blown family getaway.

Italians are by nature, friendly and family-oriented, so unlike some cities, you and your little ones will be warmly welcomed here.

There are thousands of things to see and do but here’s just ten things that you and your under 10’s will love:

  1. Campo de’ Fiori

The bustling Campo de’ Fiori market makes a great introduction to the Italian way of life and is the perfect place to pick up some provisions for your days out in Rome.

  1. Bocca della Verità, or ‘The Mouth of Truth’

Getting the kids excited about historic buildings is easy in Rome. Beside one of the city’s “most beautiful medieval churches”, rests the legendary ‘Mouth of Truth’; a marble face which, should you put your hand into its mouth and tell a lie, will be bitten off.

It’s like a Roman lie detector. What would you like your kids to confess?!

  1. Renting bikes at Borghese Gardens

The Borghese Gardens are vast and contain among other things, fountains, secret gardens, an aviary, a museum and even a zoo! Pack a picnic, rent a family sized bike and head off exploring together.

  1. The Colosseum

No trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the infamous Colosseum. For kids who love Horrible Histories, it’s the perfect place to pass an afternoon.

  1. Pizza School

Why buy dinner when you can get the kids to make it?

This cookery workshop is perfect for 5-10 year olds. While they learn to make pizza and be entertained, you get to relax over nibbles and fizz. Everyone’s a winner!

  1. The Museo di Bambini

At most museums, kids aren’t allowed to touch stuff but at the Museo di Bambini it’s positively encouraged. Little ones can go wild and touch, lift, move, play and interact with just about everything.

  1. The Piazza Navona

Rome is not short of places to take a breather and people watch, but the Piazza Navona is one of the best.

You’ll find loads of cafés to grab a snack and while you eat, the whole family will be entertained by the colourful musicians, artists and craft sellers on show here.

  1. Bartolucci’s Toy Store

Every child should go home from their holiday with a souvenir and when in Rome, that souvenir should come from Bartolucci’s. Everything here is hand-crafted from wood, including a certain, very special little boy called Pinocchio.

  1. Do as the Roman’s do!

There are so many cool and interesting places to visit in Rome that you could spend your entire holiday literally going straight from one place to another. But when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do and just go for a walk.

You’ll discover hidden gems of your own when you just ditch the itinerary and go on a family adventure on foot.

10. The Trevi Fountain

This should be the last thing you do before you leave the city. It’s said that if you want to return to Rome, you should toss a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the Trevi, one of the most famous fountains in the world, and make a wish.

But – prepare to hear a wish for ice-cream. Delicious gelati shops are very nearby.

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