What We Want from Each Other

I missed CCs theme last week. Not just CC but other memes as well. I got so busy cleaning the house. It was only then that I realized that blogging consumes most of my time. To all the hosts of these memes, I will make it up this week guys and to begin with, here is my entry for CCs theme, “what do we want from each other”.
What do I want from Rhonnel? Hmmm…let me think. I want Rhonnel to let me massage him when he is tired. I always love to massage him but he always refuses. I do not know why. Maybe because my massages are not good enough or he just does not want me to get tired. Other than this, I want him just the way he is “medyo suplado pero maginoo”. Rhonnel does not speak much in front of the people he does not know very well, but if you are his friend, you will never have a dull moment with him. He has great sense of humor and never run out of jokes. He is hard working and can be very generous and he loves to help the lesser fortunate who deserves his help. He is a true friend, a caring son, a dependable brother, a loving father and a loyal husband.
What he wants from me? Let me guess. I think he wants me to be quiet sometimes. Yes, I talk too much and I know it irritates him when he thinks or doing something. He cannot focus because of my talkativeness. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t nag, medyo makuwento lang. He wants me to be sexy all the time, wearing my spaghetti strap blouses and my short shorts exposing my big thighs…ehehe. One thing I am sure is he wants me to limit my blogging time at night and sleep early every night which is really hard to do.
What do you want from your partner? If there is a tension in your relationship, to mull over this question can be very helpful. Sometimes what you want is so obvious. It is just that your partner is too insensitive to notice or know. Do not be afraid to ask for it. Knowing each others’ needs might be the start of a new, gentler relationship.
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  1. Hahaha dya tayo magkaiba sis, di ako madada lol at di rin ako nagmamasahe, sya ang nagmamasahe if my body aches lol..

    Nostalgia bukas, don't forget lol..

  2. Yes, sometimes the problem with couples is that they tend to get too familiar with each other that they lose the sensitiveness to respond to each others' needs and wants. We should never take our spouses for granted. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Hi friend, thanks for visiting and commenting. We are the same, I've been busy last week and have not send entry last week coz it is our church anniversary and I am so busy preparing 🙂 By the way, It is always nice to know how our Honey treated us 🙂 attention is very important lol Have a nice day!

  4. that's us, mommies,we talk, ENDLESSLY, haha.
    oh, maybe i should request hubby to give me back massage,hmmmm, that would be nice:)

  5. Baka nakikilit lang si Rhonnel kapag minamasahe mo, hehehe.. katuwa ka naman, he wants you to be quiet? parang si Rodney kapag nag uusap kami about expenses tapos matanong ko lang kung magkano ang na i spend nya sa kanyang Marlboro, aba at sinasabi nang "are you nagging me?" nagtatanong lang, sarap bigyan ng mag asawang sampal.. sasabihin ko namang" i am not, well, you work, then go ahead and spend all your money with things that you like" sabay irap at talikod, hahaha! suyo moments na yun.. hay, ang pag aasawa talaga masarap na mahirap noh? hehehe, at gusto pala ni hubby mong nakikita lagi ang matataba mong hita? ayaw mo nun, loves ka pa rin at gusto pa rin niyang naka spaghetti strap ka ng blouse, medyo takpan mo na lang mga braso mo, hehehe.. joke lang..

  6. di ako nakaiwas nsapol ako.. ung limit ang blog time un din ang want ni hub.. mahirap un teh!! korek ka dun haahhaa

    si hub mo prang si yobib rin.. nawawala sa wisyo pag puro ako kwento hahahah

  7. Ako naman sa simula't sapul na nag-start ako sa blogging, ginawan ko na ng limit ang oras ko para walang masabi sa akin ang asawa ko.Napagsabihan na rin kasi ako ng mga bata minsan na palagi na lang ako sa harap ng computer kaya ayun halos walang oras makipag-mingle sa fb(kaya yata nawawalan ako ng friends?) kaya sa blogosphere na lang ako nangungumusta.

    I love the way your fafa Rhonnel treated you–spoiled ka talaga nya at cyempre,he's proud of you for having a sexy wife^_^

  8. that's very sweet of you.. well, there really are RESERVED type of people and i think your husband is one of them..

  9. same here sis I missed CC for couples of time because we moved and we just got our IC back two weeks ago and then school pa…sinabi mo pa sis..blogging consumes much of my time kaya noong bumalik na internet namin, i tried to be responsible in managing my time…

    ako sis i want hubby to massage me..he..he..but i seldom tell him that i 'll massage him:)

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