What to Give Him

Hubby’s birthday is fast approaching and up to now, I still am thinking of what gift I shall give him. Problem is, everytime I ask him what kind of gift does he want for his birthday, he just shrugs his shoulder.  Many will agree that it is more difficult to find a gift for men as compared to women so as usual, this is going to be challenging one. Expensive gifts is a no-no because for him, times are tough and we have to spend wisely in order for us to save and to have something to use when the time comes.Hmmm, let’s see. I gave him leather wallets before, a leather belt last Christmas, a leather basketball on our last anniversary and a pair of leather shoes last Valentine’s. Yes, he loves leather so much. Lol!

Last week, he was asking if we have a credit card holder since he keeps on digging for his cards from his backpack because he’s just putting it in his bag’s pocket. Since I love leathers, I think I’ll go with a rectangular leather wallet with compartments for his credit cards. Aside from being sturdy and fashionable, it’s going to help him organize his credit cards. Also, he’s going to love the new design since he’s used to using the backpocket type.

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