What is Gluten?

My husband gave me a cook book 4 years ago. I love reading cook books but I did not pay much attention to this one because the primary ingredients in its main dishes are gluten and tokwa. I didn’t know what gluten is and I only use tokwa in making “Tokwa’t Baboy”. Last month, because of my husband’s needs I looked for the cook book he gave me.

I learned that the complete protein has all the essential amino acids, they are lysine, threonine, trypthopan and methionine. All these amino acids are present in meat. Sad to say that my husband can not eat meat for now so I need to use other foods that have these amino acids, but other foods has imcomplete protein, like for example, rice is deficient in both lysine and threonine, corn in trypthopan and lysine and beans in methionine. In order to have diet that is complete in protein, it is necessary to combine foods so as to have all the essential amino acids. Some good food combination would be macaroni and cheese, rice and beans, cereal and milk, gluten and tokwa.The doctor advised my husband not to eat beans…cereals and milk are good for breakfast…macaroni and cheese are good for breakfast and snack, so I have no choice but to use gluten and tokwa for the main dishes. What is gluten? Gluten is a substance occuring naturally in wheat. When extracted and cooked with appropriate protein rich food like tokwa, it has the consistency of some types of meat and can thus form an excellent substitue for flesh in the diet.

How to make Gluten

To make your own gluten,mix8 cups of gluten flour (white bread flour is the most common souce in the Philippines) with 2 1/2 to 3 cups of water to make stiff dough. Form into a ball and knead well. Let stand underwater for at least 1/2 hour, or overnight if possible. Wash out the starch by kneading with the hand in the water, being careful to keep the dough together. Pour off the starchy water frequently and continue washing until the water is almost clear.The lump of gluten should next be sliced into choplet-size pieces, 1/2 inch thick and 4 or 5 inches square. Cook for 1 hour in salted water. Seasoning maybe added to the water such as onion, soy sauce and a yeast extract. Refrigerate or freeze until needed. 

I made half of the formula yesterday. The first picture above is the finished product. In the second picture it is like cubed meat. I used it today in stir-fried vegetables (third picture). This is good for vegetarians.

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  1. hay, punong puno ng kaalaman si rosse, swerte ng hubby mo sayo..marunong ka ata sa lahat ng bagay pati mga gluten inupakan mo rin himayin ha!

    alam mo ba yang tokwa’t baboy e napakasarap nyan kaya nga lang di sya ata pede sa hubby mo ano? buti na lang marunong ka sa ganyan sitwasyon..

  2. hahaha! natawa naman ako doon. ganoon yata talaga pag may pamilya ka, lahat kailangan mong alamin para sa kanila. Madali lang namang gawin ang gluten kaya lang hindi sya kasingsarap ng totoong karne.

    masarap talaga tokwa’t baboy. waaah! namimiss ko na. 1 1/2 month pa kaming magtitiis. medyo matagal pa.

    nga pala, nag-email si Hazel, nangungumusta. sabi ko visit sya sa sites ko.

  3. wow may natutunan ako. Lasa din ba syang meat pag naluto? I added your 2 sites nga pala sa blog list ko. I will visit you from time to time. Kita ko nga na add mo din pala blog ko e. heheh! Thanks ha!

  4. actually mas masarap pa rin yung meat. pero yung texture nya parang meat din. ang alam ko yung food chain na Bhodi (SM Foodcourt)puro gluten and tofu ginagamit nila sa mga foods. na-try na namin kumain doon once and masarap din…hindi mo madi-distinguish kung meat or gluten. yung luto ko hindi ganoon kasarap siguro dahil walang salt and msg.

    thanks for adding my sites. c”,)

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