Welcome New Year the APIR Way

We are supporting Department of Health (DOH) campaign against firecrackers so we are not going to buy any firecracker this new year. DOH just launched its campaign called “APIR” which stands for Aksyon Paputok Injury Reduction and distributed a CD recording of the sounds of various firecrackers and  fireworks which according to them is the safest fireckracker in the world.

Why waste your money in firecrackers  when there are other safe ways to welcome the new year? You can make sound by using torotot or horns. A new horn that need not be blown is the safest for your kids. The kids just need  to pump it to make sound. Its shape is somewhat similar to that of insect spray which also reminds me of the pentair pool pumps.

Since Christmas eve, DOH reported a number of firecracker victims. It is alarming  that most of them are kids…either they were injured or ingested toxic firecrackers. As parents, it is our duty and responsibility to watch our kids. Do not give them money so they cannot buy any firecracker. But if your child ingested “watusi or picolo” have him/her drink 6-7 egg whites and rush him/her to the nearest hospital.

So to be spared from injuries, welcome New Year the APIR way.

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