Ways of Relieving Stress

Every one of us has our fair share of stress encounters as well as varied ways of relieving it. Being stressed out is inevitable and the only way to get out of it is purely subjective. If you’ll continue to think about it then it will stay in your life as well.

If you haven’t identified your stress relievers just yet, the following ways that have been effective to others might work for you as well. Some are just simple ways but there are others that are weird yet effective.

Set a “ME” time

Sometimes being alone can let you clear your mind and meditate on what went wrong. It can help you think of ways on how to solve the conflict thus set yourself stress free. On your “ME” time, you may do one or two of the following:

a) Shop ‘til you drop – spoiling yourself once in a while is not bad. Just make sure you have enough funds because your credit card bill might be another reason of being stressed out.

b) Go the park – sit on one of the benches and just feel the ambiance. You can also ride the swing and play like a child. Those where the times when you don’t worry on things and feeling it again can help out.

c) Eat your favorite chocolate – sweets, especially the chocolates are proven to make you feel happy.

d) Play Bingo – there is no need to go the nearest bingo place because you can check spin & win online. You might win and feel good.

Talk to a close friend

Sharing your problem can help ease out the bad feeling. The mere presence of the person or having someone who is willing to listen is of great help. The person can be a friend or a close relative.

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  1. i guess, i really need that me time now, i have been in stress for the past few weeks and i really needed a break.

  2. Oh this is one of the things I love to do, shop until i drop. I have to control myself though. But I always go with the second one, going to the park with my kids and then stopped by at the nearby ice cream shop to get some of their chocolate – sweets treats.

    I also love to play Bingo with friends once in a while…

    Great post! Thank you.

  3. people tend to have each of our own ways to relax and be relieved of stress… but what truly works to relieve stress is to enjoy a certain activity which you love the most… could be watching movies or even eating… but not to the point that you get even more stressed out..

    cheers 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing these ways of relieving stress. Being a stay at home Mom stress is always present. It’s just a matter of how to deal with it and not letting it overpower you 🙂

  5. this is definitely what i need right now. a friend that i can talk to and share laugh and giggles. i miss those time when i just laugh with my girlfriends from talking about silly talks lol.

  6. im always in stress, i dont think i could ever be free from stress. so many problems in the world that i need to think about, and plan for the future of my family.

  7. “me” time is very important to recharge and rejuvinate ourselves. I like the “eating chocolates” suggestion the most 🙂

  8. whenever i have problems ,I want to be alone to think and then if I have one trusted friend, I share it with her but now the only friend I share my problem with is my husband. It feels better to talk it out with someone.

  9. I hope I can really shop til I drop… One thing I’m glad I can do now which I can’t when I was back home is going to the park since there are lot of parks here. Greens, sun rays and cool wind…. hay…

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