Wall Scones for Our Doorway

My daughter asked me why we do not have outdoor lighting just like the wall scone below. She dropped her hair clip in front of our house and could not find it because it was dark outside. I was silent for a moment then answered that outdoor lighting is important and I thanked her for reminding me.

We are on our 12th year in this house yet buying outdoor lighting did not cross my mind. My husband and I thought it is not essential until my daughter lost her hair clip. It was only then that I got to contemplate how important it is not just to see lost things but for our safety as well. It was indeed dark outside and my daughter could have tripped over something. Outdoor post lighting could help us identify pathways and save us from accidents.

Installing outdoor lightning could also discourage burglars from breaking into the house and because it will light even the smallest corner in the yard, there will be no hiding places for unwanted intruders.

Yes, I now realized the importance of lighting the garden and front yard.  We will buy outdoor post lighting for the pathway and the outdoor wall sconces for our doorway.

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