Vegetable-Macaroni Salad

Remember Wendy’s incredible salad bar? Wendy’s pioneered the quick service salad bar with the widest and freshest ingredients. We were one of their regular customers who were greatly affected by its lost. Imagine an eat all you can salad at a very affordable price. That was a great way of getting full without worrying about the calories.

Now here is the good news, according to the latest interview at Ken Calwell, chief marketing officer for Wendy’s USA, they are raising the bar on salads again. Yes, Wendy’s is reinventing quick service salads once again. The new fresh and flavorful line-up; Apple Pecan Chicken, BLT Cobb, Spicy Chicken Caesar and Baja, is now available in US restaurants nationwide. Hope it will be available soon here in the Philippines soon.

As of now, whenever hubby and I are craving for salad, we are just making our own version at home.



250gms. salad macaroni (cooked as per package instructions)
1 cup mayonnaise
1/2tsp. ground black pepper
1tsp. sugar
a dash of salt
strawberry flavored gelatin (cooked as per package instructions)
2 big tomatoes (sliced)
1 medium cucumber (sliced thinly)
lettuce (washed and dried)
1 medium carrot (grated)
1 small can pineapple chunks or any fruit of your choice
Mix all together the first five ingredients then chill. Cut the gelatin into small cubes. Place lettuce on a plate. On top, place salad macaroni, gelatin, and the vegetables. If you are on a diet, you can use the fat free mayonnaise.

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  1. Eat all you can salad bars are a success in the US because people are responsible and prudent enough but not in the Philippines. Since salad bar serving with Wendy’s before was on a per plate basis, people would abuse that and heap mountain loads of salad in their single plate even if they cannot consume them all. And that’s unconsumed salad wasted. I remember when I have my American friend with me at work and we decided to dine at Wendy’s. After getting his plate of salad, he returned to the salad bar thinking that he could replenish his plate again. He was stopped by a Wendy’s personnel and I reprimanded the personnel. I said I will just pay for the extra plate. No need to insult my guest. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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