Use Child Safety App For Android To Secure Your Child Digitally

Digital safety is one rising concern for everybody today. But in U.S., the situation is a bit alarming. As per the recent poll, internet safety stands at the fourth top position in the list of top 10 child health concerns that are rated as “Big Problem” by adults this year.


Could you understand the situation after looking at the infographic above? Today, Internet safety issues are even bigger problems than smoking, teen pregnancy, and violence.

Contributing Factors:

One big contributor to the situation is the aggressive use of smartphones by teens and preteens. Android phones are affordable. This doesn’t mean that you purchase your 8-year old kid a smartphone. The above-given stats are not exaggerated. These are the facts that are heightened because of parents being negligent of their kids’ online activities. They neither know about kids’ web behavior, nor they look into their problems their kids face in the cyber world such as cyber bullying and sextortion etc.

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Role of Parents:

There is the majority of parents who are concerned about these issues, but they don’t know a smart way of monitoring their kids online. Some try to interrogate, some spy and some end up being the helicopter parent while making the effort. All these ways don’t work today because your kids are smarter than you. With a fear to lose their device, they conceal the situation from you and continue to suffer. You can’t let your child live in misery. One good option parents can opt, to cope with the situation is to use the advanced child safety app for Android such as FamilyTime.

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Child Safety Apps:

The app helps parents stay posted about the kid’s online activities by offering a range of valuable features that include:

•Web browsing history tracking with the date and time stamps.
•Monitoring of favorites and bookmarks.
•Mirroring contact list with all the details saved on child’s device.
•Monitoring of call logs.
•Accessing the list of installed apps.
•Blacklisting inapt apps.
•Watchlisting suspicious contacts.
•Remotely locking the phone

Want to give this app a try? Download it today from your Google Play for free.

Act Smart!

Be a vigilant parent to secure your kid online. Keeping the child happy is one parental role and ensuring their security is the other. Realize the later part and act smart!

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