Typical School Day Routine For Mothers

For a single working adult, Mondays are considered to be the busiest days of the entire week but for a mom with a school age kid, all the school days are equally busy. It starts from sleeping late at night to prepare their school uniform and other school supplies up to waking up earlier than the rest of the household to prepare their breakfast.

Do not expect a peaceful and quite house at around six in the morning because this is the time wherein most moms are convincing their kids to wake up by frequent knocks to their rooms and even nagging all the way from the kitchen. They may sound annoying but their nags are more than effective compared to your noisy alarm clock.

There are also instances wherein they would be the one bathing their children up to dressing them up with their uniforms that sometimes end up pricking their fingers while placing their children’s school lapel pins.

Amazingly, the dining table is already set for a sumptuous breakfast while all of these things are happening. Moms are real genius when it comes to multitasking. Not to mention that the scenario is only applicable to those full time moms, how about those who are also working at the same time? Unbelievable!

Aside from taking care of all the needed things for school, moms have this awesome memory that would always remind you of things that you might have forgotten. The ability to do all these things requires hard work and a lot of patience.

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